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Flame of Love

Yvonne Duffy – West Regional Director

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Warm greetings to you whom Our Blessed Lord and Heavenly Mother have drawn into the mystery, power and action of the Flame of Love Movement.  I am truly excited for you as you begin or continue to grow in the Flame of Love grace and blessing that Almighty God has prepared specifically for you as you journey in unity with Him, Who is All Love and Mercy, through this life towards eternity.  This written through my own humble perspective, as one who has encountered and been impacted by the “effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love.”

Out of the weakness, littleness and nothingness of human creatures, God reveals His omnipotence, His perfection and His limitless Love.   Is it not true that out of nothing, God created the universe and that, through the Eternal Word, all things came into being?  Further, that life was transmitted by the breath of God, through the Holy Spirit?  The Flame of Love is the action itself, the Person Himself, Jesus Christ, who establishes the loving relationship between lowly sinners and the Heavenly Father, between the creature and the Creator.  It was in a most lowly place in my life, when I had suffered many loses and was at a low point, in great mental and spiritual weakness and anguish, that the Flame of Love entered in and began to enlighten, instruct and move me into greater unity with the One, Holy, Triune God. 

It all began so simply.  In 2015, I was given a Flame of Love book which, at the time, seemed to answer all my questions.  The messages and teachings brought into focus the purpose of my life on earth and it gave me the drive and desire to strive for a stronger commitment to live, not for my own selfish motives, but for God.  This is a great grace of the Flame of Love; that it encourages and enables the personal sanctification of souls. It is such a personal and intimate journey, with the Holy Spirit bringing exactly what is needed at the right time to move a soul from complacency to zeal, from blindness to light and from vice to virtue.  At the time I was introduced to the Flame of Love, there was great upheaval and disorder in my life and it seemed that all I had been working for had been completely taken apart.  I now see how this was Our Lord’s plan to change my path to what He desired through the Flame of Love grace.

Another wonderful grace of the Flame of Love is that it brings a strong desire for the salvation of souls while at the same time creating unity and community.  After reading the book, I had a strong desire to share the movement with anyone who would listen.  My sister and I desired to order a truckload of books so we could begin spreading the messages.  Soon a Flame of Love telephone chain was formed and our group met regularly as a cenacle for prayer, formation and sharing.  Other groups in the area were formed and we watched as the Flame of Love grace spread.  We were blessed on the West Coast to have visits by Anthony Mullen, who taught and prayed with us.  One day, he flew into LAX in the middle of a fierce storm and patiently endured Los Angeles rush hour traffic to meet with just two Flame of Love devotees.  By his visit, I knew Our Lady wanted more.  “The sacred cause of the salvation of souls holds a central position, because the essence and purpose of the action of the Flame of Love is the salvation of souls, their return to God, and their renewal.”  Our Lord told Elizabeth, “Let us have just one thought: the salvation of souls.”  Anthony invited me to join the leadership team, and relying on the mercy of Our Lord, I only recently accepted the position and feel very humble and grateful for being able to communicate with people throughout the Western Region.

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