Witness Stories

Index of Witness Stories:

Turn Around – 4 Babies in One Morning — From Cynthia & Maureen

Our story happened early one morning in October 2015, when a friend and I went to pray outside Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia (during 40 days for Life).
We were praying the Flame of Love rosary and meditating on the Hours of the Passion. Since there were two of us, we decided to take turns counseling women on their way into the facility, so that there would be uninterrupted prayer.
Soon a young woman came out from the clinic, crying, her phone to her ear. She was saying, she “couldn’t do this”. It seemed the person on the other end wanted her to go back in. My friend was able to walk her around the corner (out of sight) and gently minister to her. Even the “escort” from PP seemed to back off, which was quite unusual. While I was still out front, a woman in scrubs came out looking for her, but went back in. Then a man came looking for her. (We guessed it was their “security”guard, because he was wearing a gun). Not finding her, he went back in also. Just after that, my friend came around the corner with the young woman. I watched her gently whispering in her ear, while the woman still had the phone to her other ear – so unsure!) We kept praying the Flame of Love to blind Satan. My friend gently guided her past the entrance to Planned Parenthood, and instead walked with her to a Women’s Center that would truly give her the help she needed.

When my friend came back, a man approached her. He had gotten out of a car that was parked on the corner – he was very tall and wearing a gun. We did not know what to expect. He said, “I just have to give you a hug. My partner and I watched the whole thing…alleluia!!” He was with Philly Civil Affairs unit, assigned there to “protect” the clinic. About an hour later, this young mom came back to show us an ultrasound picture of her beautiful baby, she had tears of joy!! We all hugged and gave a prayer of thanks and shared the power of the Flame of Love with her!!
The most amazing thing is that we did not even notice initially when this young woman entered the clinic; she was not ministered to by us on the way in. That shows the power in the prayer! Also, another woman (who had brought her friend for an abortion), felt moved to speak to her inside, telling her that she had regretted her own abortion. After she saw that we wanted to help, she approached us about her own situation (about to become homeless with a 5 year old son). Since then, she has been in touch with people who are helping her. She also asked for prayer for the woman she brought that day, hoping that she could get her out in time. Sadly, it was too late. But we continue to pray for her healing.

There was another woman there that day who was there for fertility help (of all places). Thankfully she left with an NFP website and info we were able to share.
Another incident happened, (yes, all in one morning!) A van pulled up out front  looking for Planned Parenthood,  but for some reason didn’t see it (?!) and the two women from the van walked back one block and went to Prolife clinic “by accident”. They appeared agitated when they were dropped off, but an hour later came back to their van looking happy, and we heard one look up and say “Oh, there it is” (Planned Parenthood), giggled to themselves, and got in the van and left!! Thank you beautiful Mother for this gift for the times that we live in!!

We were all struck that day by several very telling things as a result of the Power of the FOL. We have never seen the PP escort so docile, she actually left early! Usually we cannot get near the women. Also, we have never seen civil affairs people on the side of Life – while on duty. This was a beautiful man who was placed there by God that day.  It turns out he is a pastor in Philly and has a tender heart for these women. There were also a few dads ministered to that day as well. They took the Flame of Love prayer card!



At a Flame of Love weekend Book Distribution at one of the ten largest Archdiocesan Parishes, situated in Bucks County, I had the pleasure of meeting an 88 year old gentleman who volunteered to assist us. He showed up on Sunday morning at 6:45 AM ready to take part in this activity. He helped distribute the Flame of Love Diary to the parishioners at the end of each of the three morning Masses. He was also going to assist me at the early afternoon Mass but was delayed because the parish also has a Perpetual Adoration Chapel, and he would go there after Mass to be with His Lord. If the assigned adorer did not show up on time, this man would not leave Jesus alone in the small Chapel.  It wasn’t until after this last Mass was finished and the parishioners received their Diary that he returned, apologizing to me for not being a help. He explained that he is a longtime adorer himself at Perpetual Adoration sites, and no one leaves Jesus alone until their replacement arrives.

What is even more amazing about this man is that on his own, after reading the Flame of Love Diary, he began to buy these books himself and place them in the back of 11 parish churches and their chapels. He re-visits these sites from time to time and re-stocks them with our pamphlets and Diaries. He has been doing this for more than a year. He always obtains the Pastor’s permission before doing it and witnesses to them and others about the Flame of Love Movement. No one told him to do this. He felt compelled to spread this Movement of Our Blessed Mother by himself. This man that I met has a gentle, peaceful demeanor with a gleam in his eyes. He is indeed a Living Legend for us Laypeople

Sunday, Sunday, what a Blessed Day meeting him!


The Shining Cross — From Claire

On Holy Saturday morning (2015), I noticed that the usual view from my kitchen window was different.  At first I thought the sun must be reflecting off the St. Anastasia’s Church Steeple to make it look so much bigger and brighter than usual.  (I’ve seen the same view out my window for 10 years).  Since my cell phone was nearby, I grabbed it and snapped a few pictures.  I then switched it to take a short video (6 minutes), because by that point, the steeple looked like a flickering flame to me.  While I was recording, dark clouds began rolling. The contrast of the Cross at the top of the steeple lit up against the darkness was so striking.  I shared the pictures with my friend, because we had just asked our pastor if we might begin a Flame of Love Prayer Cenacle, and were given permission. I took this happening as a little gift from God that we were on the right track in our parish.

The darkness may roll in, but the Light of Christ will shine bright!  There was also a smaller lit Cross under the Steeple’s larger “lit up” Cross.  To me, that was symbolic of Our Lady at the foot of the Cross, interceding for her children, and inviting us to join her.

The Flame of Love Prayer Cenacle calls God’s children to intercede with Mary, Our Mother, at the foot of the Cross for our priests, the Holy Souls in Purgatory, and the conversion of all souls.  We pray others will accept the invitation.  Since that time, we have a morning, afternoon and evening weekly cenacle.  The hour spent in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament is really powerful.  It truly is a “Holy Hour”.


All In the Journey – From Boot Camp to Heaven — Anonymous

Late in 1970, my mother had a serious operation to remove cancer. The doctors removed her bladder and both of her kidneys. Dad and I waited anxiously during the long operation.

Afterwards, the doctors told us that we could see her shortly, but that she would be unconscious, and that she would not make it out of the recovery room alive.  I went to the hospital chapel and promised God that, if my mother lived, I would go to Mass and Communion every day for the rest of my life, although at that point in time, I had been away from the church for 15 years or more.

Mom recovered! – and lived another nine years…. but, I didn’t keep my promise. I truthfully thought that her well-being had been ordained by God, without my having anything to do with it. After all, who was I but a Catholic in name only, and not in good standing. God wouldn’t answer me; I was too far gone – a lost cause. He had forgotten all about me, and I understood His feeling that way.

Later, in December of 1994, my two sons took a three-week vacation together in Australia and New Guinea.  Being so far away, I was concerned about them, and decided to pray that they would be safe, God would look after them. However, I realized that God wouldn’t listen to me if I weren’t in the state of grace, so I went to Confession – all 40 years of it. Then I remembered my broken promise. It was time to set things right.

Shortly thereafter, during a daily 2 hour commute out of State – all of a sudden, out of the blue, I turned off the car radio and began praying the Rosary – constantly – on my fingers, (because I didn’t own a Rosary).  Just saying the prayers – without meditation, and without even knowing the names of the 15 mysteries.

The ‘short version’ of the next 20 years is that I progressed in love and admiration for, and, gratitude and devotion to, Mary, my Mother: I found myself participating in:

  • Daily Mass and Communion;
  • Total Consecration to Mary;
  • A Daily Rosary – sometimes the entire 15 mysteries;
  • A developed love for the Crucifix, Jesus’ Passion, and, later, the Stations of the Cross;
  • Active ministry bringing Catholic speakers / healers / mystics into our parish;
  • Profession as a Third Order Carmelite;
  • Heavy spiritual reading;
  • Gradually getting closer to Jesus, through His Mother.

In December, 2013, I discovered the Flame of Love, through Tony Mullen, and gradually began practicing and promoting the Cause on my own.

A year later, Tony asked me to join the FOL team and, naturally, I said: “Yes.” How could I do otherwise, regarding the ‘Greatest Grace since the Word became flesh?’ My primary thought was to help Mary save souls, just like she had done for me. I didn’t realize the profound impact this would have on my personal, spiritual life.

Since then the Blessed Virgin has helped me to grow much further. This progress isn’t always noticeable on a daily basis, but is very apparent in hindsight.  I realize now that everything Mary did with me and for me before, (or should I say, ‘let me do with HER’) was just the prelude – the warmup – for the Flame of Love Cause, which is the zenith of apostolates at this time in human history. I realize, now, that frustrations, trials, and even failures, are just the ‘boot camp’ for paradise, as long as we keep Jesus and Mary at our side.

My goal?  To be a part of the lowest portion of the most humble of creatures – Mary’s heel – to help crush the serpent

My epitaph?  “Thank-you, Jesus for giving us your Mother; thank-you, Mary for loving and saving this sinner…. and so many others.”


Bit by Bit — From Denise

It was March 19, the feast of St. Joseph.  Feeling burdened and insecure, I had gone to the Adoration chapel to make a visit and to seek divine assistance. Later that evening, because of my suggestion, our faith enrichment group was going to read The Flame of Love, an abridged version of Elizabeth Kindelmann’s diary. Although familiar with the FOL Movement since late last spring, I could not articulate much about it, let alone facilitate a study. So why was I going to do it? Although filled with fear and apprehension, it did seem like the next step to take.

I had been introduced to the Flame of Love by a fellow parishioner the previous May, who asked that I read the book. After fulfilling the request, all I was able to glean from the book were obstacles, sacrifice, suffering and frustration. “I didn’t ‘get it,’” I told my friend. I was unable to understand the message, “the Cause,” the urgency. His response was that this experience was not unusual: be patient and trust that our Lady would make it known to me. While full of doubts, because he is a humble and holy man, I remained open.

Along with reading the book, he asked if I would be willing to introduce the Movement to our parish – that added to my burden.

On the feast of the Assumption of Mary, a Flame of Love conference was held at a neighboring parish. I invited some people from our parish to attend, so that there would be help if I made the decision to become involved. The conference was wonderful, and although I still did not “get it,” something kept pulling me along.  One of the speakers shared that the effect of the Flame of Love had softened his heart towards difficult people. He was now able to listen and not be on the defensive. He was able to see them and love them as Christ does. “Wow, I would love to have that gift!” I thought.  Another speaker relayed how it helped release him from different inordinate attachments that kept God from being the center of his heart. “Sounds good to me!” He also spoke of the power of the Flame of Love to blind Satan. This blinding would enable us and our loved ones to be open to grace so we could truly see, and move away from sin. “Sold! Where do I sign?”

I left the conference knowing that the Flame of Love was something I desired for myself and my loved ones; but I still didn’t know how to explain it. This only increased my frustration.  Sometime after the conference, while talking to my friend, I expressed my dilemma of not quite grasping the full picture. He told me to praise God for the progress made and suggested that I read Elizabeth Kindelmann’s full diary. He also thought that praying the rosary with the Flame of Love petition inserted into the Hail Mary, would be helpful, as well as praying about fasting. Elizabeth was asked to fast on bread and water three days a week and devotees are called to strive toward achieving this.

I began in earnest to read, pray and start fasting once a week. It soon changed to two days and then eventually three. Urgent prayer intentions spurred me on. As attacks from the devil arrived in all directions, the supernatural power of prayer and fasting became obvious and more vital.  While not understanding what the Flame of Love is, I could see how much it angered the evil one and how he was trying to keep me from staying the course. Because of the attacks, I reached out to family and friends for prayers and assistance to persevere.

In mid January, our pastor agreed to let us have a book distribution sometime in the spring. He suggested that “the team” find out all that we could, to be equipped to answer any questions parishioners may have. We were invited by the Flame of Love core team to attend seven seminars that would explain the Flame of Love. That sounded like a good idea, so we decided to attend. The seminars were very informative, and on the feast of the Flame of Love, February 2, we participated in a beautiful Flame of Love ceremony, in which the Flame was passed on to us. I didn’t feel any different, but knew that feelings weren’t always the most reliable barometer when receiving grace. I needed to walk in faith that if they said I received it, I had.

The seminars extended to another session of teachings. Having promised our pastor that we would find out all that we could, we continued to attend. I could see how some of the people were on fire with the Flame of Love. They were excited and had an enthusiasm I envied. I believed in my head that I received it because I could see small changes in myself. But I could not feel it in my heart, so I was frustrated!

I remained faithful to my commitment and continued to pray and fast. Still filled with doubt, I asked God and Our Lady to let me know if I “had it.” The answer placed on my heart was, “to walk by faith and not by sight.” Great, I thought. Well, I’ll just continue to take the next step and do what is asked of me.

The next thing needed was to get help with the parish book distribution in the spring. “Maybe I’ll suggest to my woman’s group that we read the Flame of Love – that way we’ll have the extra hands needed at the Masses.”  After asking they agreed, so reading the Flame of Love with my group was the next step.  The day had arrived, and we were just hours away from beginning to read the book. I was supposed to be the expert. I had attended many sessions about the Flame of Love, and was now part of the core team, but still could not articulate what it was or be on fire about it. I did not want to let my friends down by my lack of “knowing,” and knew I needed Divine Help.

Sitting before the Blessed Sacrament I began to pray the Flame of Love rosary. I pleaded with Jesus and Mary to help me, telling them I’d do anything that they asked. But I couldn’t be a sales person if I could not articulate the product.  After finishing the rosary, I prayed to St. Joseph. Since it was his feast day, I asked that he give me the gift of the Flame of Love. Just as in Bethlehem so many years ago, he and Mary looked for lodging for Jesus; I was opening my heart to receiving Jesus, the Flame of Love.

A thought came to my mind after making my plea. “Why don’t you see if they have the Flame of Love book here and take a look at it? It would be a good way to prepare for this evening.” I had no idea if the book would be there, since this was not my parish. Walking over to the little stack of books, there it was! I picked it up and asked St. Joseph to open my eyes and heart and began to read the last section of the book. I couldn’t believe my eyes! The words were flowing from my eyes to my heart. “Why didn’t I see this before?” I then began reading the front section and the same thing happened. I felt like the disciples on the road to Emmaus. “Were not our hearts burning within us? (Lk. 24 vs. 32).

The confusion, the obstacles, the suffering and sacrifices that Elizabeth had experienced, all made sense to me now. Jesus and Mary were entrusting her with a powerful mission for the salvation of souls and they would use all of this to both purify Elizabeth and bring about the Cause!

Oh my dear sweet Jesus! Thank you! Thank you Mary! And most of all, thank you dear St. Joseph! In an instant, my eyes were opened. I was like the blind man who could now see and wanted to shout out to the world the Good News! I knew that I was changed deep within and would now be able to accomplish the mission that God had placed upon my heart.

When I look back to that blessed day, March 19, the feast of St. Joseph, I sigh deep within, in awe and wonder of the way God works in our lives. Sometimes the road is clear and there are not too many obstacles. Other times, it is like walking in a dense fog, depending on God’s light to reveal the next step.  God knows each of us and the best way to bring us to holiness. He will give us the grace to achieve any task He has set before us, but we must do our part and be open to the grace to walk in His holy will, especially when the road is unclear. We must surround ourselves with holy men and women of faith so we can “stay the course.” I thank God for those people He placed in my life so that I would not miss out in receiving this awesome grace, the Flame of Love, for myself, and hopefully in the future, for my loved ones.

Cheering as Satan is blinded and we are free to walk in God’s will and grace, I am eternally grateful and humbled for any role I may play in passing the Flame to others. Praise God and His sweet Mother!


Imagine That! — From Roseann

At a Flame of Love Leadership meeting, as we received the Flame of Love, I was led to ponder the mystery of the “Finding of Jesus in the Temple”.   First, I saw an image of Joseph and Mary, walking down the road. They became concerned; their Son was not with them.  They also were anxious, searching and desiring to be reunited with Him.  I thought about the many times that I have been concerned, anxious, searching, and desiring to be with God.

Then another image came to my mind of JESUS, standing in front of a crowd, speaking to them as the people attentively listened.  I saw how assured Jesus was, confidently uttering what He knew.  He had knowledge beyond His years.  He spoke with clarity the truth about the law…the law of God.

As I experience The Flame of Love at this moment, touching my heart, I realize how much God wants to take me from those human feelings that Joseph and Mary experienced to what Jesus had displayed; the assurance, the confidence, the knowledge, the clarity and the truth of God’s Word and God’s Love.

I found that Mary leads me to JESUS so I may be assured of His Love, confident of His Presence, knowledgeable of my Faith, speak with clarity of His message,  have no doubt about the truth of His Word and His Love.

I have received urgings and insights from the Flame of Love that sets a fire in my heart so that I desire to do all that I can in responding to spread the FLAME OF LOVE to everyone that I meet along the path to holiness.

Just a year ago, today, the feast of day of the Flame of Love, I received, for the first time the FLAME OF LOVE, for which I am most grateful.  I have found Jesus in my temple, MY HEART!

Thank you Lord, Thank you, Mary! Praise be Jesus Christ!   (Amen, Alleluia)


St. Philomena – Our Little Friend — From Clare

Signal Grace:

A friend sent me a Novena Prayer to St. Philomena a few years ago.  Even though I didn’t know a lot about her, or even feel like I “clicked” with her, I included her novena in my daily prayers.

Later, I was invited to attend Flame of Love teachings at St. Philomena’s parish in Lansdowne.  I live with chronic illnesses, but was able to attend for a short duration.  While praying the FOL rosary in chapel together, I noticed a beautiful banner of a young girl, who I assumed was Saint Philomena.  I said to her, “I’d like to get to know you, St. Philomena”, and left it at that.

Then, As the Spirit Leads Catholic radio invited people to attend a healing mass.  The main celebrant was Rev.  Jason Kulczynski, of the U.S. National Center of the Universal Archconfraternity of St. Philomena, in Oreland, Pa.  He was bringing a relic of St. Philomena and giving a talk about her.  I attended in hopes of learning a little more about this saint, who I was beginning to love, but didn’t know why!  Later, I felt nudged by the Holy Spirit to obtain blessed oil from St. Philomena’s shrine in Italy, and to share it with the Leaders in the Flame of Love Team.  Although I wasn’t able to attend for a while, the prompting wouldn’t go away, so I gave the blessed oil to my friend, Denise, to bring to the FOL Team and share with them.

Apparently, St. Philomena had been a topic at the prior meetings, but I wasn’t aware of this since I was not able to attend regularly.   The group saw this as a “signal grace” from God that confirmed them in their mission to spread the Flame of Love throughout the world.  We have since learned that St. Philomena is the Patroness of the Children of Mary.  We are in good company!  It appears that St. Philomena wants to be a part of spreading the Flame of Love!  We use her blessed oil, after blessing each cenacle member with holy water, at the end of our FOL Cenacle Holy Hour at St. Anastasia’s parish.   We are learning about this little saint together, but more importantly, she is interceding for us, loving us, and praying with us each week.

I researched more about our Little Friend St. Philomena, and found this information about her from the “Universal Living Rosary Association”:

“St. Philomena:  Virgin, Martyr & Wonder Worker”

“The very name of Philomena contains the words:  filia luminis, daughter of light.   She is the enlightener of a dark and corrupt age confounding the sneers of materialism.  She is the Patroness of the Children of Mary.  Her mission today is to draw us into the Immaculate Heart of Mary through imitation of her heroic virtues of purity, obedience and humility.  St. Philomena is an anchor of HOPE in this dark age of despair”. St. Philomena, Powerful with God, Pray for Us!  Amen!


Three Little Stories — From Mary

Story 1: A Blast From the Past

The Word became Flesh and dwelt among us…. Through the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, many things begin to take on a deeper and more profound meaning.

Around 1980, my brother Gene was in college and like most students he wanted a little extra cash. So, he wrote to my Dad asking for money. My Dad wrote back to him on the same piece of paper. It read…Dear Dad, No mon. No fun. Your Son..   …        Dear Son, So sad. Too bad. Your Dad…

Well this little exchange made my Dad and brother really chuckle. Being an avid reader of Reader’s Digest, Dad decided to send the letter in thinking they might print it in the Laughs or Funnies Section. They did! He was so proud and chuckled all the more. We all did.

I forgot about this little letter until recently, when I heard it read at the Flame of Love National Conference, about 35 years later. Our Speaker, Chuck Webster, read a joke before his talk. It was the letter that my dad and brother wrote! I couldn’t believe it! My heart was pounding and I had to hold back the tears. I could see my Dad laughing and I felt his presence with me.  I remembered how he had such a great love and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and how he would tell us how powerful the rosary was. I felt the Holy Spirit encouraging me to bring my family and everyone to this devotion and to pray the Flame of Love Rosary faithfully.

As I finish writing this tonight, guess who calls me? Yes, my brother Gene.

Some might say these are just coincidences. But I say Mary Our Mother is providing us with graces and loving embraces from her heart that unite us all together with her son’s, Jesus Christ.

Story 2: Saved by Prayer

As we were relaxing one evening, I suddenly felt a prompting to pray for our children. My husband and I began a Flame of Love rosary. After we finished, our daughter called. She began to tell us that a deer ran out from the woods and hit her while she was driving 70 mph on PA 78. She said its antlers were big, right in her side view, and then all of a sudden she heard a loud noise and felt a huge thud. She was shaken up but said she was ok, and that she was able to drive, but the car was in bad shape. It was too dark to see anything so she drove to the nearest exit with lights and got out to see the damage. She saw some blood and scratches on the car but that was all. Both she and the car were fine. I felt a peaceful presence. I thanked God and Mary that we had listened to the little stirring in us from the Holy Spirit to pray. The Flame of Love Rosary places us under Mary’s Heavenly Mantle.

Through the Flame of Love of The Immaculate Heart of Mary, many in my life who are close to me, have grown closer to God as I have.  A loved one went to confession after 17 years and made the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Others have gone to confession after 20 years and have begun going frequently. They all have experienced immense healing. Some started visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament regularly. Others want to get their marriages blessed in the church. Some are wearing the Miraculous Medal and others accepted medals and crucifixes.

I know many conversions are still needed, along with my own, but what a great gift we have been given – The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to aid us in this cause! The Flame gently reaches out and touches those who we love and who we pass it on to. We just do not realize how powerful and wonderful it is at the time!

Story 3: No Coincidences

At the end of October, 2013, I visited my sister in New Mexico. We decided to make a pilgrimage to one of our favorite places, Santuario De Chimayo, a sacred place, where the church is built on holy soil. Many miracles have occurred there and still do to this day. We went to Mass and then to the little adobe adoration chapel to pray and say a rosary. My sister was very sad at that time but wanted to be joyful, even through her suffering. I was praying for an answer as to what I should do with my life. A friend had left the task of keeping adoration going at my church, and I needed to know how God wanted me to spend my time.

After a while in the chapel, three women came in and sat behind us. They asked if they could pray over us and give to us a most special gift, the greatest gift. Fr. Roca, the Little Saint, was sitting in the first bench, (there were only 3 benches), and was not disturbed by this, so we said, yes.

First they prayed over my sister. They said she needed hope and joy and to receive the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Then they prayed over me and told me to persevere in prayer and to receive the Flame of Love also. They said the Flame would grow if we persevere in prayer. Mary was with us. Our prayers were answered. They left us and we went to lunch. We joked about how all that praying gave us a good appetite and how amazing we felt. We wanted to learn more about this Flame of Love.

When I arrived back in PA, I began searching for info and found a blog which led me to The Flame of Love Canadian site.  I told my sister “This was real”! We sent for prayer cards and books, but wondered why the Flame of Love wasn’t here. Or was it? Mother Mary wasn’t done yet. Someone had left a 33 Days to Morning Glory (Consecration to Mary) book in church. I wanted to order more so I called the number inside and talked to a man named Ray. During the conversation, someone mentioned the Flame of Love. Ray said that it was right here in Philadelphia and that books were now available! He led me to the Philadelphia Team and now my life will never be the same. So yes, this Flame of Love of The Immaculate Heart of Mary is real and gives us the greatest gift ever, Jesus himself!


Who Do You Know? — From Tom

In the beginning of 2015 my wife and I were in search of something more in our spiritual life and as Mother Mary would have it, we were led to the Flame of Love group.  Within one year we have been inspired to spread Mary’s Flame of Love, which is Jesus, in many directions – such as helping to start several prayer groups.

Another direction was to visit prison and pray with a friend’s daughter who was in and out of prison and addicted to drugs for seven years. I visited her weekly. She was completely hopeless, but she agreed to pray one prayer with me, the Hail Mary with the ejaculatory prayer.  After five months in a local correctional facility, she was getting ready to go up to a state prison three hours away for four years. Thanks to the many people who prayed for her, suddenly she was visited by her social worker who said, “I don’t know who you know, but you are going to a drug rehabilitation center instead of prison”.  She has now been given the grace to get back her life that Satan stole from her.


Our Holy Mother Helps Another Mother — From Maura

I want to share with you an experience I had connected to Flame of Love. My son and daughter in law were very worried and concerned about the impeding birth of their baby. The baby was almost two weeks late. Their first child had been delivered by Cesarean section, and my daughter in law really wanted to deliver this baby naturally. Her midwife and obstetrician thought it was possible. But at her weekly check up, another obstetrician frightened them and talked about possible complications and birth defects to the baby. My son was beside himself and wanted a C Section soon. My daughter in law however, felt that God really wanted her to be patient and wait for labor. They were both very distressed.

That evening I was at The Flame of Love Cenacle at Assumption church in West Grove. One of the cenacle group members had kindly asked about the progress with the baby, which she knew we were anxiously awaiting. At the end of prayers, she asked the others present if we could say three Hail Mary’s for the baby and its parents. I could feel the power of those prayers and was so grateful. After church, my son called and said they had met with their obstetrician who assured them the baby was NOT in danger. They had felt the power of an intercession too and I told them we had been praying for them. They were so grateful. Two days later, natural labor occurred (no C Section), and the baby was a healthy 9 lb boy who was safely delivered on Sunday. Mary was with us!


The Doctors’ Dilemma — From Valerie

As background, Val’s daughter has Crohn’s Disease and needed bowel surgery. She was very, very ill. Her mother had asked for prayers, and this is her story. Val writes:

I want to send a personal note of thanks for all the prayers and support shown to me and our family while our daughter was in the hospital. I cannot tell you what all the Holy Hours and Mass intentions offered, as well as Rosaries and Chaplets have meant to all of us. My daughter went through a complex surgery that was complicated by an infection which was not due to the surgery, but was an abscess from her underlying disease. The surgeon said she was very ill during the entire surgery. Also there were complications during surgery involving equipment problems. It was during this time, though I did not know what was happening in the Operating Room, that I was literally holding Mary’s Hand, praying the Divine Mercy chaplet with the chaplet Rosary which had been given to us from Medugorje. I did not let it go for several days.

The second day after the operation, my daughter was still very ill and had become septic. I was terrified. The doctor thought another major surgery may be required.

I went to Adoration – I told Our Lord about His Promises – ask and you will receive! Ask anything in My Name! He put on my heart that He wanted me to forgive and trust the surgeon and all the doctors and nurses.  My attempt to micromanage the situation because I am a nurse was not helping, and that I needed to have faith! A priest friend, Father Onunwa, had basically told me the same thing earlier in the day.  Let her rest and let the doctors and nurses work.

So I prayed a Flame of Love Rosary and headed to the hospital again, and who walked into my daughter’s ICU room but the husband of one of my Flame of Love friends!  He is an endocrinologist, and the doctors had a theory that my daughter’s elevated heart rate might be due to adrenal failure. It turned out that this was not so, but I just had a feeling that his walking in was a sign that our prayers were about to be answered – a Flame of Love connection walking right in to see my daughter. That night her heart rate came down and the next day her fever was gone. She had also been 24 hours on a big antibiotic and the medicine was working! No need for more surgery! The next day the surgeon told me that he had no idea why she was doing so much better- but she was! They had not definitively come up with the explanation for the infection, and they did not know why her situation turned around so quickly. I told him that at this point pretty much the whole Archdiocese of Philadelphia was praying for her! He said he could not discount the role of prayer. My daughter is doing much better- she still has a few weeks of postoperative recovery and another surgery coming up. I have no doubt that the Hand of Our Lord was with the surgeon in the OR and also in the turnaround in her condition.

I want to express my gratitude to all who prayed so diligently for her and to Roseann (Flame of Love) who sent her a blessed rose from the St. Rita’s Shrine in Philadelphia.


Biopsy – Be Gone! — From Gloria

After mass one Sunday, I was introduced to The Flame Of Love. My friends from Saint Anthony of Padua parish told me that I needed to read the book and how powerful it was. Having a deep devotion to Our Lady and going to Medjugorje and Lourdes, I kept trying to comprehend it. Time after time I picked the book up and then put it down. I got to the point where I was so frustrated that I threw it in the trash.

One Friday afternoon I decided to go to the Prayer Cenacle at St. Anthony’s and see what it was all about. After I had gone a few times to the Prayer Cenacle, my husband discovered a lump under his left ear. The doctor confirmed that, yes, it was a (lump) mass! The doctor gave him an antibiotic and told him to come back in two weeks. After taking the antibiotic, the lump did go down a little. I continued praying the novena and blessing the lump with St. Albert’s holy water, from the Carmelite Monastery.

After two weeks we went back to the doctor. He said we needed to get an ultrasound and a biopsy. He gave us a prescription saying it was a mass! We were scared to death. I continued to ask Our Lady to please intervene for us! When we went to get the ultrasound they also saw the mass. Our next step was the biopsy. It was scheduled for late in the afternoon. I must say that I was literally shaking with fear, praying that it wasn’t malignant and ashamed of myself for not giving it up to the Lord and trusting!!!!

We sat at the hospital and waited literally two hours before getting the biopsy, and we couldn’t understand what was taking so long. The doctor walked into the room saying; “I don’t know why you are scheduled for this biopsy, there is nothing there”!!! 

We went into shock, we couldn’t believe it!
With tears streaming down my face, I flew out of my seat and hugged and kissed the doctor. I talked to Msgr. McHenry about it, and with the biggest smile ever, he said “There are miracles every day Gloria”! I truly believe that through the Flame of Love my husband was healed! We praised and thanked Our Lady and Our Dear Lord for the Flame of Love and this special miracle!


The Gentle Banner of Mercy — From Tom & Jackie

At the request of a parishioner of the Visitation Church and a friend, he and I went to the home of his friend on Amber Street in Kensington, Pa. to hang a large Divine Mercy Banner on the side of her corner property. As we arrived at her home at 7:00 AM, several people were already outside attending to daily life, and noticed us. We knocked a few times, but no one answered. Then my friend made some calls, and she finally arrived home. She and he spoke in Spanish and discussed the location of the banner. As I was attaching the banner and rolling it open, she was filled with joy; another neighbor who was walking by commented his approval and remarked about the Divine Mercy Banner’s beauty.

After I was finished and came down from the ladder, she gave us water and we talked. As we were getting ready to leave, I suggested we pray under the picture. I raised my hands and said, “Lord Jesus we ask you to bless this home, this neighborhood, and whoever sets their eyes upon Your image of mercy, receive it”.  At the same time, my friend was reciting the same prayer in Spanish. At the end, in harmony, we all said, “Amen” together.

After sharing my prayer with her, she shared pictures on her phone with me that she had collected of Mary and Jesus – so in turn I showed her my collection of pictures. I then asked my friend if it was proper to share God’s Heart-Changing Gift* book with her. He spoke to her in Spanish and to my surprise, she addressed me in broken English, saying yes, she could read English. I gave her the book and she accepted it with a smile. We began to say our goodbyes, but I was inspired to share one more thing with her. I reached in my car and took out Mary’s Flame of Love song, which we all knew, and we sang it as she followed along.  Afterward she said, “This is so beautiful, I can’t believe it”, and I told her, now you can sing it. We exchanged goodbyes and left.

As we sat in the car, my friend commented, “This is what evangelizing is all about, don’t be in such a hurry, let the Lord do His work”.  He was referring to my frequent impatience about finding locations for all the pictures and getting the task done. I am blessed to have formed a relationship with him, he is a great reminder to me that the journey is more important than the end result. Forming relationships and sharing ourselves is paramount to spreading the Flame of Love to All of Humanity.

(Tom, his wife Jackie, and his friend Felix, hang large Divine Mercy Image Banners in several locations within the poorest sections of Philadelphia – and minister to its residents).

*God’s Heart-Changing Gift is the small booklet taken from the Flame of Love Diary.


It Only Takes One Seed to Multiply the Loaves — From Chris and Arilda

A dear friend from the Philippines came to visit.  Since praying the rosary daily is part of the Philippine culture, she was intrigued by the Flame of Love rosary cenacle that we have on Friday nights.  She loved it and asked if she could have copies of the prayer sheet.  I said yes, but even better, took her to the Flame of Love Team meeting at St. Philomena’s Church.

She met and spoke with our National Coordinator, Tony Mullen and  our Regional Coordinator, Eileen Pergiovanni, – who gave her copies of the prayers and much encouragement.  Thru the meeting, the Flame of Love got into her heart. Before she left, prayers were said for her to bring FOL to the Philippines.

Now back at home, she has started the Flame of Love cenacle not only at her home, but also every week at her factory office with her employees – and has printed 300 copies of the prayer sheets from the FOL website which she has distributed to her friends in religious orders, and to priests – all of whom are now praying the Flame of Love rosary.  This is a great gift from God thru his mother!