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2023 Consecration to Mary Through Jesus

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COLORADO: An Urgent Call to Colorado from your West Coast National Flame of Love Leader!

There are several lone Flame of Love soldiers in Colorado who desire to join with others in Our Blessed Mother’s Special Fighting Force.  If you are aware of any active Flame of Love physical cenacles in Colorado, or if you are part of a virtual cenacle, please register your cenacle at: or contact me at: 

Our Blessed Mother urgently told Elizabeth Kindlemann, “You must dedicate yourselves to blind Satan.  The coordinated forces of the entire world are necessary to accomplish this….I do not want even one soul damned.  Satan will be blinded inasmuch as you work against him.” 

It is important that we unite forces to blind Satan as Our Lady said, “There must not be a single soul missing in this common effort.  The soft light of my Flame of Love will light up, spreading fire over the entire surface of the earth.  Satan, humiliated and reduced to powerlessness, will not be able to exercise his power.”

May our prayers and sacrifices in the Flame of Love save countless souls.

Yvonne Duffy

West Regional Leader for the National Flame of Love Movement

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