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New Devotion

In recent decades, the Catholic Church has received many new devotions. Pope John Paul II canonized St. Faustina and established the new Divine Mercy Devotion, which revealed new gifts of mercy coming from Jesus’ heart.

The Flame of Love Devotion is very similar, making Catholics aware of a new fire coming from Mary’s heart. No one has to believe these private revelations (of Divine Mercy or of Flame of Love) but accepting these revelations provides the capacity to receive God’s gifts. Divine Mercy comes from the diary of St. Faustina. Flame of Love comes from the diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann. Let’s begin our story with her.

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Elizabeth Szanto Kindelmann (1913-1985)

Elizabeth’s mother had 13 children, six sets of twins and, finally, Elizabeth, who alone lived to adulthood. She had an extremely difficult childhood and at 11, was going to be adopted by a Swiss family. Fortunately, she missed the train, stayed in Budapest, tried to enter two religious orders, and joined the parish choir. There, she met Karoly Kindelmann, whom she married in 1930 at age 16.

Karoly was a hardworking, wonderful husband and they had a happy marriage. However, he died in 1946, leaving her with 6 children when she was 32. She lived as a widow for the remaining 39 years under a Communist regime. Her diary details her many jobs, her poverty and her economic insecurities. She was an excellent mother and welcomed her married children and their grandchildren back into her home. Beginning in 1962, she herself lived in a little shed in their garden the rest of her life.

The Revelations

Elizabeth was deeply devout but for a number of years, God tested her by mystical trials. Finally, after the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, (July 16, 1961) the darkness broke and she again experienced Jesus’ presence.

In February, 1962, her lifestyle changed completely and she took up residence in that little dwelling in the garden. Once settled, Our Lord and Our Lady spoke with her for the rest of her life, revealing the mystery of the Flame of Love. She recorded all her experiences in her diary.

The Flame of Love

The full diary is about 300 pages (an excellent simplified version has 121 pages). From either version, the reader easily grasps the central messages given to Elizabeth by Jesus and Mary about the Flame of Love.

  1. The Flame of Love is Jesus Himself.
  2. This Flame of Love lives in Mary’s Immaculate Heart.
  3. This Flame is God’s gift to us.
  4. Mary wants to pour out the Flame into every heart. That is why she reveals the mystery.
  5. The Flame of Love is the greatest gift which God has given to the world since He sent His only Son.
  6. Mary suffers until she can find souls who want to receive the Flame.
  7. This Flame blinds Satan, causing him to lose his power over persons and situations. This allows people to respond to God’s graces.
  8. The primary goal of this Flame is to save souls. Its secondary goal is to release souls from purgatory.

Flame of Love Prayers

Our Lady also taught Elizabeth to say this short ejaculation:
“Spread the effect of the grace of thy Flame of Love over all of humanity.”

Our Lord revealed the following prayer for Elizabeth. (Note “Our” means Jesus and you).

May our feet journey together.
May our hands gather in unity.
May our hearts beat in unison.
May our souls be in harmony.
May our thoughts be as one.
May our ears listen to the silence together.
May our glances profoundly penetrate each other.
May our lips pray together to gain mercy from the Eternal Father.

What a beautiful prayer between Jesus and you.

The Requests

Our Lady also had certain expectations for Elizabeth (and for us). Our Lady expects:

  1. goodness of life
  2. generous amounts of time given to prayer
  3. frequent reception of Holy Communion and Confession
  4. simplicity of life
  5. fasting on Mondays until 6:00 PM on bread and water
  6. Eucharistic Adoration
  7. Some withdrawal from worldly entertainments

Church Approval

Even during her lifetime in Budapest, many priests accepted her revelations because they saw her goodness. In June 2009, after a few years of investigation, Cardinal Erdo, the Primate of Hungary, said that her writings were free from any error and gave his approval to the Flame of Love Movement. Many other diocesan bishops have also given approval.

The Spread of the Devotion

Fortunately, a Hungarian priest, Fr. Rona, S.J., was a missionary to Latin America and translated her Hungarian diary into Spanish. The Movement started early in Latin America and came to some areas in the United states from Mexico, and from a Canadian center. Now, the center for the Flame of Love Movement in the United States is Philadelphia.

The Flame of Love Movement in the US

Origins – Early 2013

In 2013, the Diary of the Flame of Love of Elizabeth Kindelmann was translated, simplified, and distributed through the efforts of our First National Director for the U.S., Anthony Mullen. Since that time, the Fire of the Flame of Love has ignited throughout the United states, many parish cenacles have been formed, large spiritual gatherings continue to be held throughout the country, and hopefully, many Catholics are experiencing a deeper spiritual life and a unity with others within the Flame of Love Movement.

How Do You Enter?

There are many possible doors:

  1. Get acquainted with the Movement by attending one of the many large events scheduled throughout the year.
  2. As Our Lady leads you, join a cenacle in your area.
  3. Later, you will want to begin your own home cenacle or participate with some friends in their home cenacle.
  4. Read the Diary, both in the simplified and the full version.
  5. Peruse our website at www.flameoflove.us.

Five Effects of the Flame

Our Lady promises many blessings.

  1. To blind Satan. The diary highlights and actually describes this gift as Elizabeth was able to blind Satan, making him powerless and freeing those who felt his oppression.
  2. To save souls (especially family members). The diary contains many promises concerning the family. Elizabeth was a mother of six children, all of whom had their own struggles. She worried about their eternal salvation. Our Lady told her that she was chosen specifically because she was a mother and that from heaven she would be with her children at their death beds.
  3. To save the family. The Flame of Love is family focused. Our Lady wants parents to gather their children for prayer and devotion. She will come to every home which invites her.
  4. To free souls from purgatory. Our Lady makes great promises, especially for those who keep the Monday fast (bread and water until 6:00 PM). So often, we forget our deceased relatives and friends.
  5. To convert the world. The flame is meant for the whole world. Our Lady promised many miracles which all would realize took place, without any elaborate investigation.

These are the basic blessings for all who receive and spread the flame. Time now for you to read the diary.

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