of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Flame of Love

Weekly Agenda / Spiritual Exercises

Under the Diary entry on April 10, 1962, Jesus gave Elizabeth Kindelmann instructions on how each day of the week should be allocated. Mary later provided guidance for Sunday. There are other clarifications about this weekly agenda elsewhere in the Diary.

Here is a summary: Jesus: “My daughter, I’m now going to specify how each day of the week should be allocated. . . . Come, if you have time. If you have plenty of it, tell Me. The decision is yours. I respect your free will completely. You flatter Me if you abandon it spontaneously to Me.


The Day of the Holy Souls

Jesus said: “Let all your actions be done with the purpose of helping them. In union with Me, desire that these souls contemplate My Face as early as possible. Offer for them the strict fast as well as prayers during a part of the night. I do not ask this strict fast and prayer just from you. Make public these requests jointly with other messages from My Heart. Anyone fasting on bread and water on Monday will free each time the soul of a priest from the place of suffering.

A note about fasting… Ask the Holy Spirit for the Gift of Fasting, and slowly after a few weeks expand the fast for both breakfast and lunch on Monday (on bread and water only. You can take supplements and medicines, but no coffee or tea).

If you are a diabetic or have health issues, or are over 60, please fast from something you enjoy on Mondays (TV shows, the internet, alcohol, hobbies, etc.), if a bread and water fast would not be beneficial to you. Fasting for many people, who do not have pre-existing health issues, can produce health benefits. Any health questions on fasting should be referred to your doctor.

Whoever practices this will receive the grace of being liberated from the place of suffering within eight days after their death. Our Mother herself is asking for this. Her appeal to her Flame of Love obliges Me to fulfill her request.

If priests observe this Monday fast, in all the Holy Masses that they celebrate that week, at the moment of Consecration, they will free innumerable souls from purgatory.”
“Consecrated souls and the faithful who keep the Monday fast will free a multitude of souls each time they receive Communion that week

Regarding what kind of fast Jesus is asking for, Elizabeth said: “Our Lady explained the fast. We can eat abundant bread with salt. We can take vitamins, medicines, and what we need for health. We can drink abundant water. We should not eat to enjoy. Whoever keeps the fast should do so until at least 6:00 p.m. In this case [if they stop at 6:00 p.m.], they should recite five decades of the Rosary for holy souls.”

*A word about fasting: Members of the Flame of Love Movement fast individually, only as they are able. There are some people who should not try a bread and water fast because of age, illness, medical conditions, or other restrictions. If it is too difficult for you to do, please do not be discouraged. You can find another way to keep the spirit of loving sacrifice intended by the fast.

Offer This Day for the Family

Jesus: “Make spiritual communions* for each member of the family. Offer each person, one by one, to our dear Mother. She will take them under her protection. You will also offer that evening vigil for them.”

Elizabeth: “Lord, I usually sleep deeply. What if I cannot wake up to keep watch?”

Jesus: “I will help you with that as well. If there’s anything too difficult for you, confidently tell our Mother. She also spent many nights in prayer vigils. My daughter, you must be responsible for your family leading them to Me, each in his own particular way. Ask for My graces on their behalf unceasingly. We will work together and I cannot do without your support. Your most worthy patron is Saint Joseph. Do not forget him, invoke him every day. He will gladly help making our Cause a success.

*St. Thomas Aquinas called spiritual communions “an ardent desire to receive Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament and in lovingly embracing Him as if we had actually received Him.

The following prayer was composed by St. Alphonsus Liguori in the 18th century and is a beautiful prayer of spiritual communion, which can be adapted like this for each member of your family: My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the most Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things and I desire that _______ receive You into [their] soul. Since [they] cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into [their] heart. [Have them] embrace You as if You had already come, and unite [them] wholly to You. Never permit [them] to be separated from You. Amen.

A Day for Priestly Vocations

Jesus: “Ask Me for many young men with a fervent heart. You will get as many as requested because the desire lies in the soul of many young men but there is no one helping them to realize their goal. Do not be overwhelmed. Through the prayers of the night vigil, you can obtain abundant graces for them.”

Reparation to the Blessed Sacrament

Jesus: “On that day, you will spend hours in My sacred Presence. Adore Me with great fervor making reparation for the many offenses inflicted upon Me. . . Immerse yourself into My sorrowful agony as I was sweating blood. You will draw great spiritual strength from it.”

Mary later added: “On Thursday and Friday, I ask you, my daughter, to offer a very special reparation to my Divine Son. This will be an hour for the family to make reparation. Begin this hour with a spiritual reading, followed by the Rosary or other prayers in an atmosphere of recollection and fervor.

Let there be at least two or three, because My Divine Son is present where two or three are gathered. Start making the sign of the Cross five times offering yourselves to the Eternal Father through the wounds of my Divine Son. Do the same at the conclusion. Sign yourselves this way when you get up and when you go to bed, and during the day. This will bring you closer to the Eternal Father through my Divine Son, filling your heart with graces.

My Flame of Love which I desire to spread from my heart over all of you in a greater measure extends even to the souls in purgatory. Listen closely to what I am saying. Write down my words and give them to those concerned: For those families observing a holy hour of reparation on Thursday or Friday, if someone happens to die in the family, the deceased is freed from purgatory after a single day of strict fasting observed by anyone member of the family.”

The Day of My Passion

Jesus: “With all the love of your heart, immerse yourself in My sorrowful Passion. When you arise in the morning, recall what was awaiting Me the entire day after the terrible torments of that night.

While at work, contemplate the Way of the Cross and consider that I did not have any moment of rest. Totally exhausted, I was forced to climb the mount of Calvary. There is much to contemplate. I went to the limit, and I tell you, you cannot go to excess in doing something for Me.

From noon until 3:00 p.m., adore My sacred Wounds. Hopefully you can keep fasting until the time My sacred Body was taken down from the Cross. . . . If you accept to sacrifice yourself, My daughter, you will receive an even greater abundance of graces.

The Day of Our Mother

Jesus: “On this day, venerate our Mother in a special way with a very particular tenderness. As you are well aware, she is the Mother of all graces. Wish that she be venerated on earth as she is venerated in Heaven by the multitude of angels and saints. Seek for agonizing priests the grace of a holy death. Offer every moment of the day for that purpose. What a great reward you will receive! In Heaven, priestly souls will intercede for you and the Most Holy Virgin will be waiting for your soul at the hour of your death. Offer the night vigil for this intention also.”

“Offer them for the Youth.”

“For this day, the loveable Redeemer gives no specific directions.”

However, Mary later instructed Elizabeth about Sunday’s intention:

Even on Sunday, your day of rest, you will do vigils and attend as many Masses as possible. Offer them for the youth. Think of the many children guided every year to my Divine Son. How many souls are lost, not taking root because no one is concerned about their spiritual progress. Offer these days especially for the young. Even when my Most Holy Son was tired, He wanted the children to come to Him. That is why you also must never be tired. You know it is Him who asked you to continually share in His work of Redemption.”