of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Flame of Love

Victoria Palmer- Northeast Regional Director

Victoria also serves as the US International Liaison and actively supports the global apostolate through consistent communication, content review, and attending meetings alongside the National Coordinator.
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Victoria’s Favorite Diary Quote:

Jesus: “Be My little sunflower and turn toward Me your oily seeds which mature in the rays of the Divine Sun.”

The Spiritual Diary, page 104

I live in New England. By the grace of God through the Flame of Love grace, I am a born again Catholic. I serve as the Northeast Regional Leader in the US. In 2016, I was invited to the Flame of Love National Conference. It was a game changer! I am forever grateful for the invitation.

After the blessed weekend and praying 9 Flame of Love rosaries, a gentle light illuminated my soul and I was compelled to go to confession. Why did I wait so long? There are so many excuses. There in that small dark room Our Beloved Lord showered His Mercy on me. I was free, no longer lukewarm and dove right in to sharing Mary’s Flame with others.  It was as if my spirit had just woken up and had a cup of espresso.  How could I not share this gift?

In 2017, I was asked to help on the National Team. In 2020, I began helping as the Northeast Regional Leader and have been asked to help once again in that role.

Our Lady continues to offer her Son to me, to all of us. It is difficult for me to comprehend. We continue to hurt her Son, then have the audacity to ask her to intercede; “pray for us sinners…” and still, she offers her Son to us, her Flame of Love, our Beloved Jesus. She loves us that much! It is a very very humbling call. 

Say “Yes!” too and help Our Lady share this gift to one more person –  she tells us: “My Flame of Love lit depends on YOU!”

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