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Diane Salem

There were 4 leaders in attendance at the Maryland Flame of Love leaders meeting held on Monday, May 2, 2022.  Before we began the meeting, one of the ladies who had lived in the Philadelphia area asked me if I had known Eileen George.  I told her I had heard of her from people in the Philadelphia Flame of Love, but never knew her personally.  There was no particular context for this question, we were just chatting until the others joined our call.

We prayed the rosary and FOL prayers, then opened up discussion about our cenacles and other Flame of Love business.  All were feeling rather down with dwindling numbers the past few weeks.  One of the leaders mentioned she felt surrounded by death and related 2 stories in which she and her husband had been with someone who died within a few weeks.  They also recently drove up on an accident.  The person in front of them, in a truck, stopped at the scene and so did our leader and her husband.  Our leader was praying as she left her car and approached the accident area.  The accident victim seemed to be fine in spite of the fact that her car had flipped in the air and rolled over several times, landing in a field.  A medic passing by stopped and checked her vitals while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.  A few hours later the woman died.  

As we finished our meeting, we read the next Devout Life Teaching.  We have always read these since we first began our state leader monthly meetings over 5 years ago when Tony Mullen gave us permission to hold our own meetings.  We read the teachings in order and this was today’s reading:

3.13 –

Seeing the Mysteries of the Kingdom

By experiencing God through mental prayer, the devout soul gains great power to touch God’s heart. The following stories to encourage you to intercede “for the saints as God wills” (Rom.8:27).

The Grace of Anticipation

One day, on the way to church, Eileen George, a mystic, saw a truck which had been in an accident. The driver had died. She began to pray for him. On the way home, she again passed the truck and God said, “Your prayer saved that person’s soul”. She protested, “But I only began praying after he had died.” God said, “I know, but I saw your prayer and bestowed the grace of forgiveness in his heart so he was saved.” She calls this the “grace of anticipation”. God, knowing someone needs a grace, anticipates the prayers of an intercessor, and grants the grace even though the prayer (in earthly time) was said later.

This is a very consoling teaching. We can pray even after a person has died because time in the Kingdom is not the same as time on earth. This “grace of anticipation” highlights the power of intercession.

Saving Souls From Hell

On January 8, 1937, St. Faustina prayed, “Jesus, I beg you by the inconceivable power of your mercy, that all the souls who will die today escape the fire of hell, even if they have been the greatest sinners”. Jesus answered, “I see that this was dictated by your pure love for me; that is why I am complying with your requests”. (Notebook #873) This extraordinary gift means that everyone who died on January 8, 1937 will be in heaven. Probably, many had died that day, even before Faustina said the prayer. This, again, was the Grace of Anticipation.

Heaven penetrates human life. When a person is devout, earthly life and heavenly life intermingle. Time and eternity mix freely. By devotion, you can call down God’s glory upon earth. In your mental prayer, intercede with great faith. God, with all his saints and angels, is listening.

St. Francis deSales

The saints’ lives are filled with powerful intercession. As St. Francis deSales was traveling to a monastery on foot, when a gigantic snow storm began. Soon, he realized that his life was in danger. He raised his eyes, said his prayer, and the snow stopped.

The saints say:

  1. 1. I felt that I was God’s Queen and I used my new title to ask the King for every possible benefit for his subjects. (STL)
  2. 2. Asking for a month, a year, ten years or twenty years is not enough. We must ask until the moment of death. (SLdeM)
  3. 3. When I pray for what God wants, I am speaking clearly to someone who listens eagerly. (STA)\
  4. 4. In answer to my prayers, God frequently delivered people from serious sins. (STA)

Group Discussion:

  1. 1. Do you believe that God responds to your prayers? Were there moments when your request was granted? Do you join hearts and ask God with others?
  2. 2. Do you pray each day for blessings? Did you ever pray and God showed you what to do?

We were completely astounded!!!  We knew this teaching was meant for us today, to uplift us in where God is placing us and in what our role is in the Flame of Love.  This was very powerful for us.  We all knew that prayers said after a person’s death are efficacious, but this is a new context.  Is God placing us in situations where we are the intercessors for people we don’t even know or just met and is interceding for people to receive the Grace of Forgiveness that simple???  Through the mention of Eileen George’s name, we knew God was speaking to us through her words, recorded by the wonderful priest who wrote these Devout Life Teachings.  

All In the Journey –From Boot Camp to Heaven


Late in 1970, my mother had a serious operation to remove cancer. The doctors removed her bladder and both of her kidneys. Dad and I waited anxiously during the long operation.

Afterwards, the doctors told us that we could see her shortly, but that she would be unconscious, and that she would not make it out of the recovery room alive.  I went to the hospital chapel and promised God that, if my mother lived, I would go to Mass and Communion every day for the rest of my life, although at that point in time, I had been away from the church for 15 years or more.

Mom recovered! – and lived another nine years…. but, I didn’t keep my promise. I truthfully thought that her well-being had been ordained by God, without my having anything to do with it. After all, who was I but a Catholic in name only, and not in good standing. God wouldn’t answer me; I was too far gone – a lost cause. He had forgotten all about me, and I understood His feeling that way.

Later, in December of 1994, my two sons took a three-week vacation together in Australia and New Guinea.  Being so far away, I was concerned about them, and decided to pray that they would be safe, God would look after them. However, I realized that God wouldn’t listen to me if I weren’t in the state of grace, so I went to Confession – all 40 years of it. Then I remembered my broken promise. It was time to set things right.

Shortly thereafter, during a daily 2 hour commute out of State – all of a sudden, out of the blue, I turned off the car radio and began praying the Rosary – constantly – on my fingers, (because I didn’t own a Rosary).  Just saying the prayers – without meditation, and without even knowing the names of the 15 mysteries.

The ‘short version’ of the next 20 years is that I progressed in love and admiration for, and, gratitude and devotion to, Mary, my Mother: I found myself participating in:

Daily Mass and Communion;

Total Consecration to Mary;

A Daily Rosary – sometimes the entire 15 mysteries;

A developed love for the Crucifix, Jesus’ Passion, and, later, the Stations of the Cross;

 Active ministry bringing Catholic speakers / healers / mystics into our parish;

Profession as a Third Order Carmelite;

Heavy spiritual reading;

Gradually getting closer to Jesus, through His Mother.

In December, 2013, I discovered the Flame of Love, through Tony Mullen, and gradually began practicing and promoting the Cause on my own.

A year later, Tony asked me to join the FOL team and, naturally, I said: “Yes.” How could I do otherwise, regarding the ‘Greatest Grace since the Word became flesh?’ My primary thought was to help Mary save souls, just like she had done for me. I didn’t realize the profound impact this would have on my personal, spiritual life.

 Since then the Blessed Virgin has helped me to grow much further. This progress isn’t always noticeable on a daily basis, but is very apparent in hindsight.  I realize now that everything Mary did with me and for me before, (or should I say, ‘let me do with HER’) was just the prelude – the warmup – for the Flame of Love Cause, which is the zenith of apostolates at this time in human history. I realize, now, that frustrations, trials, and even failures, are just the ‘boot camp’ for paradise, as long as we keep Jesus and Mary at our side.

My goal?  To be a part of the lowest portion of the most humble of creatures – Mary’s heel – to help crush the serpent

My epitaph?  “Thank-you, Jesus for giving us your Mother; thank-you, Mary for loving and saving this sinner…. and so many others.”

Biopsy – Be Gone!

From Gloria

After mass one Sunday, I was introduced to The Flame Of Love. My friends from Saint Anthony of Padua parish told me that I needed to read the book and how powerful it was. Having a deep devotion to Our Lady and going to Medjugorje and Lourdes, I kept trying to comprehend it. Time after time I picked the book up and then put it down. I got to the point where I was so frustrated that I threw it in the trash.

One Friday afternoon I decided to go to the Prayer Cenacle at St. Anthony’s and see what it was all about. After I had gone a few times to the Prayer Cenacle, my husband discovered a lump under his left ear. The doctor confirmed that, yes, it was a (lump) mass! The doctor gave him an antibiotic and told him to come back in two weeks. After taking the antibiotic, the lump did go down a little. I continued praying the novena and blessing the lump with St. Albert’s holy water, from the Carmelite Monastery.

After two weeks we went back to the doctor. He said we needed to get an ultrasound and a biopsy. He gave us a prescription saying it was a mass! We were scared to death. I continued to ask Our Lady to please intervene for us! When we went to get the ultrasound they also saw the mass. Our next step was the biopsy. It was scheduled for late in the afternoon. I must say that I was literally shaking with fear, praying that it wasn’t malignant and ashamed of myself for not giving it up to the Lord and trusting!!!!

We sat at the hospital and waited literally two hours before getting the biopsy, and we couldn’t understand what was taking so long. The doctor walked into the room saying; “I don’t know why you are scheduled for this biopsy, there is nothing there”!!! 

We went into shock, we couldn’t believe it! 
With tears streaming down my face, I flew out of my seat and hugged and kissed the doctor. I talked to Msgr. McHenry about it, and with the biggest smile ever, he said “There are miracles every day Gloria”! I truly believe that through the Flame of Love my husband was healed! We praised and thanked Our Lady and Our Dear Lord for the Flame of Love and this special miracle!