Seminar Three

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Seminar One: The Invitation to Know Jesus

Seminar Two: The Three Obstacles

Seminar Three: The Gift of the Flame of Love

Seminar Four: Your Decision

Seminar Five: Receiving the Flame of Love

Seminar Six: Needing a Community

Seminar Seven: The Devout Life


(All of the quotes in this seminar come directly from the Diary)

God’s Two Lives

  1. Every human person has two lives – an internal life of thoughts and feelings, and an external life of words and actions.
  2. God, also, has two lives. In God’s internal life, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit know and love each other in the mystery of the Trinity.
  3. In His external life, God always blesses and always pours out new gifts. First, He created the whole world. Later, He sent His Son, Jesus. On Pentecost, He poured out the Holy Spirit. He also created you and me so we could receive all of His gifts.
  4. In His inner life, God is infinite, perfect and never changing. In His external activity, God is always finding new gifts. This seminar will describe God’s newest gift, the Flame of Love which God has placed in Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

A Catholic Religion With New Gifts

  1. We think of our Catholic religion as full and complete. Indeed, we have the Creed, the bible and the sacraments. However, God is always giving new and greater graces.
  2. The Flame of Love is new and more powerful than any grace given since the Father sent Jesus. Our Lady said, “Since the Word became Flesh, I have never given such a great movement as the Flame of Love that comes to you now.”
  3. Our Lady spoke many times concerning this newness. “A torrent of graces will pour out which have not been given since the Word became flesh” and “Nothing like this has existed before. This is my greatest miracle that I will do for all.”

Never Before Received

  1. If this grace is so new, then no one has ever received it before, not even all of the great saints who have preceded us.
  2. That is exactly what Our Lady said to Elizabeth Kindelmann, “You are the first to whom I entrust this Flame of Love of my heart.” Elizabeth was the first person in the history of the world to receive this Flame (which is Jesus Christ Himself) from Our Lady.


  1. You would expect such a grace to be limited to holy and saintly people who would receive the gift after years of serving God. That is not true either. Our Lady wants the whole world to receive.
  2. Mary said, “With this flame you will light all the hearts in the world.” “The Flame of Love will be lit and will reach the whole world, not just nations that have been faithful.” The Flame is for everyone in the whole world (which means it is for you)

Receiving the Flame Through Elizabeth

  1. How does the whole world receive this Flame? The answer is very clear. The Flame will go out from Elizabeth. She is God’s chosen instrument.
  2. Jesus said to Elizabeth, “I have lit you like a match. You will light up the whole world. You are a small instrument but, with one strike of the match, I will enkindle the Flame of Love in millions of souls.”
  3. For this reason, we treasure Elizabeth’s Diary. This is the match which will light up the whole world.
  4. Our Lady explains, “My Flame of Love is burning. It is so great that I cannot keep it any longer within me. It leaps out to you with explosive power. “I can no longer contain the Flame of Love in my Heart. Let it leap out to everyone.”
  5. Our Lady explained that the Flame causes her suffering because it should be leaving her heart and coming to our hearts. In a sense, we don’t even have to search. Mary wants the Flame to leap out to us.

Experiencing God


  1. Experiencing God
  2. Blinding Satan
  3. Saving Souls
  4. Helping Your Family

Human Experiences

  1. When we see, hear, touch and taste, we have sensual
  2. When we read books or study, we have intellectual
  3. When we listen to an opera or enjoy a painting, we have esthetical

Explaining Religious Experiences

  1. By the Holy Spirit given at Baptism, we can also have religious experiences. When we pray, receive Holy Communion, read a spiritual book, go on retreat, or hear a homily, we often have a religious experience. We feel a peace, a joy, a light, or an understanding.
  2. Our Lady promises that the Flame of Love will be a great source of these religious experiences. “My Flame will illuminate souls with a gentle light. They will be intoxicated with abundant graces and announce the Flame to everyone.” “When they experience the Flame of Love, they will believe me and trust me.”
  3. Elizabeth often described her own religious experiences. “When the Flame of Love fills my whole being, my soul is filled with marvelous understandings. I realized how deprived are people who do not have this outpouring” (meaning those who never have religious experiences). “In mid-February, the Lord filled me with such peace that I could not speak and have no name for this marvelous grace.”
  4. Our Lady promised that she will bestow religious experiences so the person knows that they have received the Flame. “This Flame will work miracles in their hearts. They will communicate this miracle to others. No need for this miracle to be authenticated. I will authenticate the Miracle in each soul. All will recognize the outpouring of the Flame of Love.” Mary authenticates everything through our religious experiences.

Blinding Satan

  1. Seminar Two explained that the devil wants our souls for his Kingdom of Darkness. In the Diary, Our Lady promises that this Flame blinds Satan and frees souls from Satan’s powers.
  2. Our Lady promised “My Flame of Love will blind Satan.” Our Lord explained, “Satan being blind signifies a worldwide triumph of my Sacred Heart, the freedom of souls and a full opening of the road of salvation.
  3. Satan gains some power over us through evil. Let’s use an example of our skin. Skin protects our bodies. However, when we get cut, germs can enter. If we do not clean out the germs, infection enters.
  4. When we sin, God’s protection is pierced. If we continue to sin, spiritual germs enter. If our sins grow, infection (Satan’s power) enters and takes control.
  5. Sometimes, this spiritual skin is pierced by anxieties, sufferings, fears or insecurities. Sin and evil in other people can pierce this skin. In so many ways, Satan gains some power (small or large) over us.
  6. Satan especially enters when the person delves into the occult or has grave addictions. The person loses control. They are not themselves. Satan has control.
  7. Satanic influences come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. All are meant to cause us suffering and block God’s grace so it has no effects upon us.
  8. Sometimes, satanic influence is not our fault. Good people are often immersed in a sinful culture.
  9. Whatever the source of Satan’s power over us, this Flame blinds Satan, removes his powers and frees souls to respond to God’s Spirit. Our Lady promised “My Flame of Love will blind Satan.”
  10. Blinding Satan is a primary purpose of the Flame and will save millions of souls. People will find relief from problems which they have had for years. They will finally be free to say “yes” to God.

Saving Souls

  1. Nothing is more important than to save our souls. God created every person to live forever in heaven.
  2. Mary said to Elizabeth, “I do not want one soul to be condemned. You also must desire this. That is why I place this beam of light, the Flame of Love, in your hands.”
  3. Everything will be new. “By my Flame of Love a new era of grace, never before known on earth, will begin.” (Our Lady)
  4. Souls will be saved, even at the last minute. “If my Flame of Love is lit upon the earth, grace will be poured out upon the dying. Satan will be blinded. Through your nightly vigil, even the dying and hardened sinner will be converted.”
  5. Our Lady spoke about parish vigils, “I want the holy night vigils (by which I want to save dying souls) to be organized in every parish, so there is not even one moment without someone praying in a vigil. By this, you and your companions will save the souls of the dying from eternal damnation. By the light of my Flame of Love, Satan will remain blind.”

”Whenever anyone does adoration in a spirit of atonement or visits the Blessed Sacrament, as long as this lasts, Satan loses his dominion on the parish souls. Blinded, he ceases to reign over souls.”

The effects go throughout the world: “When you who know my Flame of Love are in the night vigil, I will give to you, as long as your night vigil lasts, the grace that my Flame of Love will act upon the dying in the whole world. I will blind Satan and the gentle flame, full of grace will save souls from eternal condemnation. “

Help For Family Members

  1. Many people ask, “Should I not be helping others? Why spend so much time in prayer?”
  2. The first ones you should help are your family. Our Lord promised Elizabeth, “Many families are cold. I want to warm all families with my Flame of Love. When you are in heaven and see one of your children dying, you will go to their bed and the Flame of Love will be lit. This will save their souls from damnation.”
  3. Elizabeth wrote, “Our Lady said that the Flame of Love protected my family. Satan could not lead them into sin.” The same promise is for you.
  4. How many parents worry about the eternal salvation of their children. The Flame of Love promises are very explicit.

Our Duty to Spread the Flame

  1. Spreading the Flame is vital and urgent. Elizabeth wrote, “For two days, Jesus has been saying that I must try again to put into action the Flame of Love.” Our Lady said, “We have no time to lose. A definite time has been determined for the Flame to be lit.”
  2. Jesus said, “The spreading of the Flame of Love must be the main purpose of your life.” Our Lady said, “You must explain my Flame of Love by speaking of it. You have no right to be silent because of cowardice, pride or negligence. Attending these seminars is your first step to spreading the Flame.


  1. Let’s try to summarize this teaching.
    1. The Flame of Love is:
    2. The greatest gift since God sent His Son, Jesus
    3. Meant for everyone
    4. Bestows religious experiences
    5. Blinds Satan
    6. Saves souls
    7. Blesses family members
    8. And must be spread as quickly as possible

Our Lady Awaits Your Decision

  1. Having been attracted to receive this Flame of Love, you must not wait. Your new life of experiencing God and saving souls must begin immediately. Everything begins with your decision. That is Seminar 4.


  1. Do you grasp the importance of this greatest grace given by God since Jesus became man? Do you feel privileged to be part of this Movement?
  2. Elizabeth is Jesus’ match to light up your heart. How has it touched you? Have you read her Diary?
  3. When Satan is blinded, how will you experience your new freedom?
  4. What help does your family need?
  5. Do you experience a zeal to spread this Flame?


During the week, please read the themes of the following texts that explain this seminar.

Day 1 Mary receives Jesus, the Flame of Love, into her womb.

(Luke 1:26-38)

Day 2 So often in the diary, Mary invites Elizabeth to journey with her and Joseph to Bethlehem

(Luke 2:1-20)

Day 3 Joseph protects Jesus, the Flame of Love, not allowing Herod to kill him.

(Matthew 2:13-23)

Day 4 Accepting Jesus, the Flame of Love, draws Mary into Jesus’ sufferings.

(Luke 2:22-35)

Day 5 Mary fulfills her commitment to Jesus at the foot of the cross.

(John 19:25-37)

Day 6 Jesus describes Himself as tying up Satan and plundering his house, i.e. the souls he has in his Power.

(Mark 3:23-30)

Day 7 The two disciples try to describe their experiences of the Risen Jesus.

(Luke 24:28-35)