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Flame of Love

Pastors and Parishes

Dear Brothers in Christ:

As the National Spiritual Director of the Flame of Love Movement, I praise God and thank you for taking time to learn how we can strengthen our faith and those we serve. When Tony Mullen introduced me to the Flame of Love Devotion, I was amazed at his intense desire to grow in holiness.  Tony witnessed to me how Jesus and Mary stirred into flame the faith of Elizabeth Kindelmann.  Kindelmann’s diary records her journey of holiness and how the Holy Spirit graced and guided her “to blind Satan and grow in intimacy with Jesus and Mary.”

Parish cenacles of the Flame of Love devotions bless all with extraordinary graces flowing from His Divine Mercy.  The Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary enkindles a new Pentecost. Together we evangelize those seeking God’s meaning and purpose for their lives.

We are grateful to the priests who have welcomed the Movement and offer our leadership to begin a cenacle in your parish. The Movement has approval of our Holy Father, Cardinal Peter Erdo of Hungary and Bishops in the United States. If you are interested in beginning a Flame of Love Cenacle, please email Jill Metz, the National Flame of Love Director who will be able to answer any questions you may have and will work with you to spread the Flame of Love in your parish.


Monsignor Ralph J. Chieffo, Pastor
St. Mary Magdalen Parish, Media PA

I had learned from my dear mother the value of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Monsignor Vincent Walsh had introduced me to the Flame of Love more than 3 years ago. I have come to appreciate Mother Mary’s maternal care for me and her spiritual children, especially the quality of maternal love of her Immaculate Heart! While Satan continually and often subtly confuses, and works to destroy us, I am certain that Mary blinds him! In every time and place, all people may be assured of victory over Satan because of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! My parish has 2 cenacles, as witness to the undeniable power of Mother Mary’s victory over Satan.

Fr. Mike Davis
Beloved Pastor of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Mary, Feasterville, PA
VP Board of Directors of the Flame of Love

Jesus revealed to us that God is our Father, Mary is our Mother, and that Jesus is our Brother & Savior; we are God’s family! Is it any wonder satan relentlessly attacks the family, and God’s plan for marriage & human sexuality? “The future of the world & the Church passes through the family” said Pope St. John Paul II.

Let us fight confidently with the Flame of Love prayers that Heaven has provided for us in our times, blinding satan, and assisting our Mother & Queen, to crush the serpent with her heel, by means of faithful humble families!

Fr. Kevin Barrett – Chaplin
Apostolate for Family Consecration

Our Blessed Mother, aware of the spiritual war for the salvation of our souls raging behind the scenes, also spoke to Elizabeth saying that “We are now entering the final battle against Satan.” We are invited to become warriors in Mary’s Army and mission for ushering in “the universal Triumph of Jesus’ divine Heart, the liberation of souls, and the opening of the way to salvation to its fullest extent.” 

Jesus and Mary declare in these prophetic promises that nothing like the torrent of grace that is to come has ever been granted “since the Word became flesh.”

Fr. Robert Barcelos OCD
Watch Father Barcelos share his witness story of the Flame of Love

Imagine your diocese/parish working as a unit, the Mystical Body of Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit living out the fullness of our Catholic faith and the Fatima message. Being a beacon of hope, a light in the darkness. Call on your fervent ones, the ones who’ve been carrying the lukewarm with their acts of prayer and faith.  Band together and tell them you are starting a movement and you need them like never before.  If only twelve men can change the world, what can a remnant do in your parish? The Flame of Love is not a devotional, it is a MOVEMENT of GRACE that extinguishes evil.

Our Blessed Mother professes, “The greater the number of souls who sacrifice and watch in prayer, the greater the power of my Flame of Love on earth will be.  Hence, line-up in close ranks because it is with the power of sacrifice and prayer that the flash of hellish hatred will be overcome.  Evil will diminish gradually, the burning flame of hatred will be put out, and the splendor of my Flame of Love will fill all the regions of the earth.” (Spiritual Diary, December 6, 1964)

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