of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Flame of Love

Prayer Companions

Prayer Companions are essential for the operation of our Perpetual Vigil Room, designed to fulfill our Blessed Mother’s request that we keep a perpetual night vigil for the salvation of the dying.

Being a Prayer Companion requires no time commitment. It is a love commitment; one serves when one wishes to serve.

The Perpetual Vigil Room is designed to “run by itself” with minimal maintenance and coordination. Prayer Companions are the “oil” that make that happen. What do Prayer Companions do?

  • Prayer Companions gently facilitate the smooth running of the room
  • Prayer Companions understand the operation and etiquette of the room. They know how the room works in case there is a problem
  • If the room is running smoothly, they don’t need to do anything except join in prayer
  • Prayer Companions help get the room back into “run by itself” mode if it has broken down

If you would like to serve as a Prayer Companion, please:
Watch this 48 minute training video
And click here to Sign up!

Thank you for your interest in the salvation of souls as a Prayer Companion.