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When The Journey Is Too Long

When The Journey Is Too Long

Today’s Consuming Fire
Meditation- – A Daily Dose of the Flame of Love Diary Served Up with Today’s

Sunday of Ordinary Time

the Journey Is Too Long

Little by little, I distanced myself from God. The continuous task to survive consumed my soul. After a long battle, my spiritual life faded. Even my faith itself was endangered. (Elizabeth) (1961-1962)

Today’s Readings: After he ate and drank, he lay down
but the angel of the LORD came back a second time,
touched him, and ordered,
“Get up and eat, else the journey will be too long
for you!” 
He got up, ate, and drank;
then strengthened by that food,
he walked forty days and forty nights to the
mountain of God, Horeb.(1 Kings 19)

Prayer Meditation- Lord, we all know that sometimes the journey just feels too long. Every day is a battle- sickness, fear, anxiety, worry, all the cares and problems of the world. And we can start to distance ourselves from You as our problems just seem to suck the lives out of our souls. It can be a slow fade- this life on Earth if we are not tethered to You. Sometimes it just seems we are barely hanging by a thread. And Lord You know this is what we are up against- that is why You are the Living Bread that came down from Heaven so that we would live forever (John 6). From the Hours of the Passion from Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, which carries the Imprimatur from Saint Hannibal di Francia ,You Prayed at the Institution of the Eucharist- Many are their enemies—the obscurities, the passions, the weaknesses to which they are subject. Who will help them? O please, I supplicate You to let Me stay in each Host, to be Life of each one, and therefore put to flight their enemies; to be their Light, Strength and Help in everything. Otherwise, where shall they go? Who will help them? Our Works are Eternal, My Love is irresistible—I cannot leave My children, nor do I want to (8 PM Hour). Lord You have promised never to leave us or forsake us and we bless You, love You, and adore You because truly Your Love is the Love that never fails, never gives up, and never lets go!

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