of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


(Mark 9:2-13)

Prayer – O Jesus, reveal to me your heavenly glory.

Imagination- (Picture Peter, James and John witnessing the glory of Christ.)


These three apostles witness both Jesus’ glory on the mountain and his agony in the Garden. Mark always links Jesus’ suffering with his glory, telling his persecuted Christians to persevere in their sufferings because their reward is great. The vision also includes Moses and Elijah, the two great Old Testament personalities.

Gospel Text: (Read slowly, possibly aloud)

Six days later, Jesus took Peter, James and John up a high mountain by themselves. He was transfigured before them and his clothes became dazzlingly white. Elijah appeared to them along with Moses and they spoke with Jesus. Peter said, “It is good for us to be here. Let us make three tents, one for you, one for Elijah and one for Moses.” However, he did not really know what to say for he was filled with awe.

A cloud overshadowed them and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.” Looking up, they saw no one. Only Jesus was with them.

Thoughts: (Read all. Ponder the ones that attract you.)

  1. To bestow the experience, Jesus must withdraw the apostles to the mountain’s solitude.
  2. When they see Jesus’ heavenly glory, they are overwhelmed.
  3. Jesus is the central figure. Moses and Elijah are at his side.
  4. The events overwhelm the usually talkative Peter. He can only exclaim, “It is good to be here.”
  5. The cloud paralyzes them, making them completely attentive to the Father’s words, “This is my Beloved Son. Listen to him.”
  6. When the vision is over, they see only Jesus. He is the beginning and the end of all creation.

Affections: (When one touches your heart, use your own words.)

  1. O Lord, invite me to your mountain of prayer. I will leave behind this valley of darkness.
  2. O Jesus, Your glory is great. My poor faculties cannot grasp your light.
  3. Let your divine cloud descend over me.
  4. You, O Lord, are the center of all history. In you, I discover who I am.
  5. Jesus, you are “the Beloved Son”. I will listen to you.
  6. I will keep my eyes only for you, Jesus.

Resolution: (Possibly you might want to make your own.)

  1. Many times today, I will find a moment to climb the mountain of prayer.
  2. I will value the riches which Christ offers to me.

Thought for the day: (To recall your meditation)

Looking up they saw Jesus in all his glory.