We Share the Glory of the Cross

by Monsignor Ralph J. Chieffo

Lord Jesus, each Lent, you renew our faith and hope with your redemptive love and mercy. Our faith family sings your praises for through a Virgin, you brought forth a new birth in our world; through your miracles, a new power; through your suffering, new patience; and in your resurrection a new hope that we can be your presence, strength, and peace for one another.

By sharing in the glory of the Cross, God’s Powerful Spirit (GPS) enabled Elizabeth Kindelmann to be faithful, forgiving and fruitful in living the Flame of Love messages from Jesus and Mary. This poor widow writes of her burdens: “This violence exhausts my body and soul. I am incapable of doing this on my own strength because it involves great humiliation.” Our mission is to deepen our personal relationship with Jesus and Mary “heart to heart.” Our Blessed Mother consoled and challenged her “You cannot rest. Be neither weary nor uncommunicative. You have to make the most of your mission through that person who has also been assigned to accompany you.” Our Lady spoke to her of future cenacles when “groups of people would spread the Cause.”

If you have been away from your Flame of Love Cenacle, our priests and leaders sincerely welcome you back so that together, we can encounter the Risen Christ this Easter. We believe that our Risen Lord lives and loves through our compassionate hearts and caring hands, even as we battle against our sinful natures. Our confidence and courage to live and love again comes from our crucified and risen Lord who loves us even to the point of experiencing anguish, abandonment, death, and hell, in order to emerge triumphantly to tell us: “We are not alone; put your trust in me!”

Since Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins, our Divine Physician offers his peace in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. At Mass, the Word of God transforms us into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Eucharist Lord, so that we can nourish our loved ones. For by sharing the glory of the Cross, our Risen Lord will stir into flame the radioactive love and mercy of his Holy Spirit burning in our hearts.

Please pray for peace in our hearts, homes and the Ukraine. Trust that by praying, fasting and almsgiving, we become “ambassadors for Christ” and the best version of ourselves. Pope Francis teaches that Christian fasting leads to feasting on the love and mercy flowing from the Flame of Love empowering us to grow as disciples of Jesus and Mary.

Fasting from worldly ambition,
while feasting on God’s faithfulness;
Fasting from indifference and callousness,
while feasting on trust and the blessing of diversity;
Fasting from shallow pleasures,
while feasting on spiritual riches;
Fasting from mundane distractions,
while feasting on meaning, depth and purpose;
Fasting from resentment and irritation,
while feasting on love and mercy;
Fasting from fear and distrust,
while feasting on generosity and hospitality;
Fasting from closed-mindedness,
while feasting on surrender and ongoing conversion;
Fasting from hardness of heart,
while feasting on generosity and joy;
Fasting from rigidity and rash judgment,
while feasting on affection and solidarity;
In my fasting and feasting, may God be praised …

May Jesus and Mary bless your heart with peace, love and joy,

Monsignor Ralph J. Chieffo