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Third Week of Easter – May Our Hands Gather In Unity

Third Week of Easter – May Our Hands Gather In Unity

This week, we continue our exploration of Jesus’ Unity Prayer in the hope that our deepening union with Jesus will prepare us to go out into the world to spread the Flame of Love in whatever way our Lord and Lady put before us. In fact, as I understand it, in Hungary they call this prayer “The Prayer of Union with The Lord”. The more completely we are united to our Lord, the more fully we show His face to a world that so desperately needs to see what He truly looks like.

Last week, we saw how this prayer does not ask Jesus to journey with us in our lives but rather is Jesus asking us to forsake our lives and join Him on His journey to Calvary. So what does He mean by the next phrase, “May our hands gather in unity?”

As with “May our feet journey together,” Jesus explains “May our hands gather in unity” elsewhere in the Diary:

Jesus: “You know that you must always gather with Me. Now, here in this silence, you can gather with Me; also, in the quiet of the night, while you are watching. I teach you so you learn and teach others how to gather souls. The will of the soul is love, and love can do everything. You must just desire with all your strength. May our thoughts be always in unison – to save souls from eternal damnation. Only in this way can you lessen My cruel sorrow. Let that not be boring to you. I have repeated it to you over and over: Suffer with Me.”

The Spiritual Diary (first edition); Elizabeth Kindelmann; p. 82

So once again we see that the Unity Prayer is not about us and Jesus; it is not about Jesus helping us to gather things for our lives. It is all about others because that’s what love is about. After all, this is the Flame of Love! This petition is about being “all in” for the work of saving souls. We do this both for love of these souls and for love of our Lord and Lady who are grieved as souls hurtle toward destruction. The above dialog between Jesus and Elizabeth continues in the Diary:

On another occasion, He said:
Jesus: “Do you know how much My Soul suffers because souls are lost? May our hands gather in unity.”
“Lord, I am only able to gather so few.”
Jesus: “Make up for this by your desires and your ardent yearnings, My little one, and take refuge in Me with all trust.”


It is so easy to say, “I love you, Jesus,” but do our actions match our words? For love of Him, are we really willing to do whatever it takes to ease His sorrow and to live in His will to save souls? This desire will come from Jesus Himself if we allow it:

Jesus: “May our glances melt in one another. In My eyes bathed with tears and blood, you will see the longing of My Heart for souls. Gather with Me, My little one! I placed in your heart that desire for souls and I will continually increase it, but you must take advantage of every opportunity.”

ibid.; p. 91

Sometimes, this can be very uncomfortable. Love compels us to reach out not only to those who affirm us but even those who despise everything we stand for:

Jesus: “To participate in My work of Salvation, you must attract those souls who despise Me and do not understand Me. This is not easy but our hands will gather in unity. Whoever gathers with Me is assured of the results. Although the fruit may not be apparent, you can be sure of it. Ask the Father in My name and He will grant you whatever you ask for on My behalf.”

ibid.; p. 100

This willingness to step outside our comfort zone – to give our lives wholeheartedly for souls, be it in prayer, word, or service – exercises our trust and tests our sincerity when we say, “Jesus, I trust in You”:

Jesus: “Trust. I have always told you that whatever you ask for in confidence, consider you have already received it. Do you think that if you asked Me for souls, I would not grant them to you? May our hands gather in unity. Ask! Never grow tired of asking and desiring for Me. If large numbers were asking, how many would be converted.”

ibid.; p. 156

So let us continue our journey with Jesus – our journey to set aside our lives and take up His. Let us forsake our interests and desires to live for His interests and desires – His desire for souls. Yes, may our hands gather in unity – may our hands labor tirelessly to gather souls!