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The Heart Of God

The Heart Of God

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The Heart of God

“I broke forth in tears. This increased my sorrow for sins. Who would not cry in the presence of such goodness and kindness? In the silence, He remained next to me and then left. “Rest in peace. I am going to look for hearts.” (Jesus/Elizabeth) (September 1, 1963)

Today’s Readings: Many times did he rescue them, but they embittered him with their counsels. Yet he had regard for their affliction when he heard their cry. (Psalm 106)

Prayer Meditation- Lord today in the Readings we see Your Heart. Because despite our falling away again and again and again You never give up on us. We go after all kinds of things instead of the One Thing that can fill that great big hole in our hearts! Yet when we cry in our affliction, You hear us and You always give us a way out and a way forward. You do not turn Your back ever on those who turn back to You. I like to think the Rich Young Man in today’s Gospel who could not let go of the one thing that kept him enslaved remembered that day that You looked on him with love not with regret at the end of his life but with thanksgiving because that was the day he knew he had to give you everything and he eventually responded generously to Your call on his life. Lord let that be the choice we make as we let go of the one thing that keeps us from You!