of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


When we look into the eyes of another, we see a reflection of ourselves. In you, I see me. If we look at one another with the love and mercy of Jesus, we can develop a divine presence with family, friends, and strangers. Bishop Fulton J. Sheen talked about the “expulsive power” of Christ. “When you place Him in the center of your soul, the Holy Spirit will expel all those things that do not belong in that center and make them find their proper place. Jesus the nonviolent warrior, Jesus the judge, God’s own mind, now comes into our hearts when we invite him through conversion. We will have this cleansing authority and cleansing power.”

We can learn true intimacy with God and others from the widow Elizabeth Kindelmann. She raised children and grandchildren under Nazi and Communist rule in Hungary. Jesus invited her to a journey of faith with the Blessed Mother to discover herself as a precious child of God. Jesus spoke openly to Elizabeth about what she did for Him. “I delight to be with you because every beating of your heart is Mine.” Jesus looked into her eyes to strengthen Elizabeth’s faith and help her win a great victory over terrible temptations from the Evil one. This glance became somewhat permanent in her soul. Jesus said, “My little one, take courage and gaze at Me. May our eyes look at each other and our glances melt in one another.” At times, Jesus spoke to her and kept her soul in a state of ‘continual freshness’ to ready her to receive abundant graces.

Her diary begins on July 13, 1960, when she wrote about the beginning of her religious experience that introduced her to God’s presence. It also reveals her three years of spiritual darkness, which prepared her for the locutions. “Hence, My little one, do not serve anyone but Me.” Jesus promised, “I will accomplish a masterpiece if you agree to submit to My Divine Hand. Simply surrender to Me like the grapes that are pressed and transformed into wine, which will become My Precious Blood.”

Jesus humbled Saint Paul and revealed to him that the way we treat others is the way we treat God. All life is sacred and must extend our faith and love to believers and nonbelievers. Jesus prayed for unity among all humans because we are created in the image and likeness of the Trinitarian Family who is Love. By receiving the Eucharist, we receive the Body of Christ and increase the Body of Christ, the Church.

Make time to read the Gospel of Mark and Elizabeth’s Flame of Love Diary to help you develop your personal relationship with Jesus through our Blessed Mother. You can experience many blessings for your family and friends by praying, worshipping at Mass, and sharing scripture with small faith-sharing groups or Flame of Love Cenacles. The light of Christ will give you the confidence and courage to stir into flame the effects of the grace of God in many confused hearts seeking meaning and purpose. Go on the offensive and blind Satan by inviting others to the mercy of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Only when we trust and praise Jesus Christ for paying the price for our sins on the Cross, can we forgive ourselves and others.

As we pass the Flame of Love heart-to-heart to those you love, I challenge you to look into the eyes of a restless soul who you alone can stir the Flame of Love in their heart.

A Blessed New Year full of miracles of love and mercy,

Monsignor Ralph J. Chieffo