O Jesus, let me experience your healing power.


Picture Jesus surrounded by the sick seeking to be healed.


Jesus’ powers are diverse. He heals many illnesses and casts out all kinds of demons. They do not shout out because Jesus quiets them. When his work is finished, He walks away from the acclaim, because much work lies ahead.

Gospel Text: (Read slowly, possibly aloud)

Thoughts: (Read all. Ponder the ones that attract you).

  1. These apostles have quickly come to believe. They know that Jesus can heal the mother-in-law’s illness.
  2. The crowds also have great faith. At sunset (as soon as the workers are home), they bring everyone to Jesus.
  3. Jesus does not disappoint their simple faith. His power goes forth to all.
  4. Jesus’ pace is hectic. From the synagogue, to the house and to the crowds after sunset.
  5. The final scene is important. The disciples want to bask in the popularity. Jesus wants to go elsewhere. He is interested only in doing the Father’s work.
  6. Jesus senses an urgency. He must visit all the towns.

Affections: (When one touches your heart, use your own words in prayer)

  • O Jesus, lift my heart to a highest level of faith. Then, do your wonders in my soul.
  • If the crowds, who hardly knew you, believe, why do I not have greater faith?
  • O Jesus, fill me with zeal. Let me not rest until I complete your work.
  • O Jesus, your power is always going forth. At every moment, You are always blessing me.
  • I will bring you all my worries, my hopes and my burdens, laying them at your feet.
  • You will complete your task. You will visit me and I will receive you.
  • Come to my village, Jesus.

Resolutions: (Use one of these or make one of your own).

+ I will have faith in Jesus’ powers.

+ I will go to Jesus with my greatest difficulty.

Thought: (Recall this text during the day)