Prayer: O Jesus, send your Paraclete to overcome the world.

Imagination: (Picture Jesus with the apostles at the last Supper)

Context: Jesus again shifts the focus. The Holy Spirit will not just
be an advocate for the disciples. He will be a prosecuting attorney against the world. He will work within the believers, assuring them that they have correctly
chosen to stand with Jesus.

Gospel Text: (Read slowly, possibly aloud)

When the Paraclete comes, he will convict the world of sin, and of justice, and of judgment. Of sin, because they have not believed in me. Of justice, because I go to the
Father and you will see me no more. Of judgment,
because the prince of this world is already judged.

Thoughts: (Read all. Ponder the ones that attract you.)

  1. When experiencing the world’s persecutions, the disciples might ask, “Did we make the right choice?”
  2. In these moments, the Holy Spirit will be a powerful inner voice, comforting the disciples.
  3. As their advocate, he will put the whole world on trial.
  4. First, He will reveal the great sin of the world which refused
    to accept Jesus, in spite of his many miracles.
  5. Second, He will judge the world which persecutes the disciples even though they testify truly. Jesus has gone to the Father and will return in glory.
  6. Third, He will judge the world by casting out the world’s leader, Satan.
  7. Persecuting the disciples is just Satan’s final words before he has to leave.

Affections: (When one touches your heart, use your own words.)

  1. O Jesus, the world has made a great mistake. They refuse to accept you.
  2. I accept you. I choose you as my Lord.
  3. Your Spirit speaks within. His mighty voice says, “Blessed are you.”
  4. O Jesus, You have ascended to heaven and await my joining you.
  5. O Jesus, you have cast out Satan, the world’s prince.
  6. You are the victor. I will stand with you, my king.
  7. Thank you, Lord, for saving me from the world’s confusion.

Resolutions: (Possibly you might want to make your own.)

  1. I will listen to the Spirit’s voice within.
  2. I will not allow the world to confuse me.

Thought for the Day: (To recall your mediation)

The prince of this world is already cast out.