of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Saturday, September 9th – Week Twenty-Two of Ordinary Time

Saturday, September 9th – Week Twenty-Two of Ordinary Time

Lord of the Sabbath (Lk 6:1-5)


O Jesus, you are God, Lord even of the sabbath.


Picture Jesus with his disciples being confronted by the Pharisees.


These confrontation stories highlight Jesus’ authority, bring out new aspects of Christian life and most important, reveal Jesus’ identity. This story uses the powerful Sabbath regulation to reveal Jesus’ divinity and the disciples’ freedom.

Gospel Text: (Read slowly, possibly aloud.)

On the sabbath, Jesus and his disciples went through a field of standing grain. The disciples picked the grain and ate it. Some Pharisees saw them and said, “Why do you do what is not awful on the sabbath?”

Jesus answered them, “Have you not read what David did when he and his men were hungry? He entered God’s house and took and ate the holy bread and gave it to his men, even though only the priests are allowed to eat it.” Then he said to them, “The Son of Man is Lord even of the sabbath.”

Thoughts: (Read all. Ponder those that attract you.)

  1. Jewish law permits the disciples to pick the grain. The Pharisees object to their doing this on the Sabbath.
  2. In the Old Testament, King David assumed a new freedom to help his soldiers.
  3. David acted correctly. His men’s welfare was more important than the law.
  4. Jesus invokes the same freedom for his disciples. God always puts man’s welfare first.
  5. Jesus goes much further. He reveals that He is the Son of Man. He is Lord and has divine power which is greater than the sabbath law.

Affections: (When one touches your heart, use your own words.)

  • Jesus, when I walk with you, all creation serves my needs.
  • You give me new freedom and lead me to joy.
  • You always place me first, Jesus. I am always the center of your attention.
  • I know who you are. You are God. You are Lord. You are the Son of Man, with all power and authority.
  • You love me, call me, and want me to be with you forever.

Resolutions: (Possibly you might want to make your own.)

+  By faith in Jesus, I will try to experience true freedom.

+  In my heart this day, I will constantly proclaim Jesus as Lord.

Thought for the Day:  (To recall your Meditation.)

The Son of Man is Lord, even of the sabbath.