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Rise Up

Rise Up

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Tuesday of the Fourth Week of

Rise Up

“Because your soul has been purified of the anguish of doubts, you now have been given the power to rise to the heavenly Father and be immersed in the delightful and joyful contemplation of the Holy Trinity. (Jesus) (October 22-23, 1963)

Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your mat, and
Immediately the man became well, took up his mat, and walked. (John 5)

Prayer Meditation- Lord today we read about a man who was ill for a long time. He was defeated, could not even get himself to the cure. And You asked him, as You ask us now. do we want to be well? That seems like an absurd question – of course we want to be well. And yet, after the man is cured, You tell him something else that is interesting. You tell him that he is now well and not to sin anymore. May we use this time, as we progress toward Holy Week, as a time of purification from our attachments, some of which we never knew were so strong, and let us abandon ourselves to Your Mercy and Your Never Failing Love!

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