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Revealed To The Childlike

Revealed To The Childlike

Today’s Consuming Fire Meditation- – A Daily Dose of the Flame of Love Diary Served Up with Today’s Scriptures

Memorial of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

Revealed To The Childlike My teaching, My little one, is simple and unaffected. I do not speak a scientific language that saves no one. My teaching is for those whose soul is childlike, simple, innocent, and does not give weight to anything, those who listen to Me with admiration and believe in Me. I tell you, My Kingdom belongs to those who are such. (May 19, 1963)

Today’s Readings: ”At that very moment he rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said,
“I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
for although you have hidden these things
from the wise and the learned
you have revealed them to the childlike.
Yes, Father, such has been your gracious will. (Luke 10)

Prayer Meditation- Prayer Meditation- Lord today we celebrate the memorial of St. Therese, the champion of the Little Way! Lord I thank You for her, I cannot imagine how lost I would be white knuckling it on the narrow way- so thankful for the elevator that leads right to You! Because if we stay little, the helpless children we really are; as You see us struggle up the stairway of sanctification, You will lift us up in this “totally new” way to holiness which is really the heart of The Gospel! Your teaching is meant for the childlike and the simple- how You see us all as Your dearly beloved sons and daughters! So today, let us celebrate with our Sister Therese because we are all little ones fully known and loved by You!