of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Rejoicing And Weeping

Rejoicing And Weeping

Today’s Consuming Fire Meditation- – A Daily Dose of the Flame of Love Diary Served Up with Today’s Scriptures

Tuesday of the Thirty First Week of Ordinary Time

Rejoicing and Weeping

“I am grateful to you because your heart suffers with Me, and beats in Me. I was alone and since you were not coming, I came to you. I rejoice to be with you. I am grateful for the number of times you think about Me.” (Jesus) (March 4-7 1962)

Today’s Readings: Rejoice with those who rejoice,
weep with those who weep. (Romans 12)

Prayer Meditation- Lord, the Christian life is one of unity. We are part of You, our Head, and part of Your Mystical Body. That includes those here in the Church Militant as well as in Purgatory in the Church Suffering and in Heaven in the Church Triumphant. At any given time, members will be rejoicing and members will be weeping. Because we are united to Your Sacred Heart, we are able to love others with Your Love. This verse has always been one of my favorite in describing Christian life- if we rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep we are truly accompanying others making it much harder to be judgmental or indifferent. Lord, help us to console Your Sacred Heart by consoling others that Your love would reach all who are dear to You.