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Only In God

Only In God

Today’s Consuming Fire Meditation- – A Daily Dose of the Flame of Love Diary Served Up with Today’s Scriptures

Wednesday of the Twenty Eighth Week of Ordinary Time- Miracle of the Sun

Only in God

You must serve only Me. No one else and nothing else now exist for you. Only I.” (Jesus) (September 1, 1962)

Today’s Readings: Only in God be at rest, my soul,
for from him comes my hope.
He only is my rock and my salvation,
my stronghold; I shall not be disturbed. (Psalm 62)

Prayer Meditation- Lord, today I know that many are going through many sufferings and trials and it is so easy to get caught up and lose our way. We lose our focus on You and turn our focus on ourselves and that is where we lose the battle. Lord, it is only in You that we can rest and find hope and salvation. It is You alone who are our rock and salvation and our stronghold. Help us to keep our eyes on Your Wonderful Face and let the things of Earth become strangely dim in the light of Your Glory and Grace! (Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus- Hymn) Let us not be disturbed, all things are passing as we are assured by Saint Teresa of Jesus- You alone remain!

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