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Now Is The Acceptable Time For Salvation

Now Is The Acceptable Time For Salvation

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Ash Wednesday

Now is the Acceptable Time for Salvation

Accept faithfully the sacrifices that I ask of you for My Cause. Many ask repeatedly to share in My works, but when they must accept a sacrifice from My own hands, they are afraid of Me. (Jesus) (March 4-7, 1962)

Today’s Readings: Do not perform good deeds before men so you can be seen by them. If so, you will receive no reward from your heavenly Father.

When you give an alms, do not blow a trumpet, as hypocrites do. They already have their reward. Give your alms in secret. Then, your Father, who sees in secret, will repay you. When you pray, go to your room and pray in secret. Your Father who sees in secret, will repay you. (Matthew 6)

Prayer Meditation- Now is the acceptable time the Second Reading says today, the time for salvation. It is Ash Wednesday ready or not- time to accept faithfully the sacrifices the Church asks of us. Prayer, fasting, almsgiving. It can seem overwhelming but You see our hearts. Lord, help us to seek You in silence so that we would understand the inner movements of our hearts and Your Will for us this Lent. Help us to accept the sacrifices You are asking of us- is it  chocolate or anger, wine or fear, candy or worry- or is it a little of all of these alternatives. Lord let us lay down the little pebbles of our will- living in Your Divine Will is the sanctity of sanctities  but it requires dying to whatever is in the way so we can rise again perfected in Your Love and Grace this Easter.