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November Update and Prayer Tally!

November Update and Prayer Tally!

During the month of November we formed prayer cenacles and intentionally prayed in our established cenacles to assist the Poor Souls in the Month of November!

So, just how many souls did our prayers help in November? Did we reach our goal to assist 1 Million Souls? Well, we believe Mary helped us do even better! Here is what organizers said…

From Patti Schwartz- Hello Flame of Love family!

I would like to share some exciting news regarding our November reparation calendar initiative. The members of our cenacles (we have an average of three virtual cenacles a day) released 318,390 souls during this special month. All of us experienced the excitement of being instrumental in Our Lady’s Cause in getting as many souls released from Purgatory!

Elizabeth Kindelmann had a deep concern and love for “The Holy Souls;” it was due to her compassion for “ The Holy Souls,” that Our Lady has given us the gift of increasing the number of souls released during the month of November.

The daily ritual of recording and coloring the daily candle and then reading the accompanying meditation for the day, has instilled on us a forever holy habit of meditating in a more profound way on the important job that has been instructed by God every time we pray the “Flame of Love” rosary and for that we are eternally grateful!!

Have a blessed Advent and a joyful Christmas! Feliz Navidad!!!🎄

From Diedre Rice- We did not meet our goal of 1 million souls this year – but we did our best lol!  Our math shows 676,810 souls saved in the month of November!

During the month of November, Magdalena and I started a daily rosary campaign via zoom in honor of Mary’s Flame of Love to help save souls from purgatory.  Our goal this year was to save 1 million souls!  During the month of November Mary promised Elizabeth Kindlemann that one Hail Mary will save 10 souls from purgatory and so to free as many souls as possible from purgatory we started the daily rosary and shared it with as many people as we could.  The two of us reached out to everyone we knew and ultimately gathered a group of about 30 people.  Many of us prayed multiple rosaries a day. We kept track of these rosaries prayed by sharing that daily number in a group chat.  To ensure we meet our goal, every day we counted up the rosaries prayed by everyone, and calculated the number of souls saved.  This daily group chat heightened our numbers because as Mary also promised that a group rosary amounts to the number of participants squared. Thus, a group of 10 people equals 100 rosaries. Typically, we had a group of about 10 participants show up. Our Mother Mary was very abundant in her graces, and after finishing our November Flame of Rosary month-long prayer, we prayed 1,277 rosaries, which amounts to 676,810 souls. While we did not meet our big goal of 1 million souls, we know that Our Blessed Mother has blessed our efforts.  We thank our loving Mother Mary for this blessing, and we invite you to come pray with us next year in November, with a new goal, hoping to double or triple this year’s numbers.

Thank you & God bless,


676,810 + 318,390 = 995,200 Souls

Of course souls aren’t numbers! And we have no way of knowing the extent of Mary’s grace. However through Her promises to us in the Flame of Love, we can be encouraged and rejoice as we look at the fruits of our prayers. We believe that our prayers surpassed the goal of 1 Million Souls because of YOU! Every Flame of Love Hail Mary prayer was heard and together we made a ladder of grace right up to Heaven!