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Morning Star Rising In Our Hearts

Morning Star Rising In Our Hearts

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Feast of The Transfiguration of The Lord

Morning Star Rising in Our Hearts

The lamp of the Eucharist calls me. I sense that no one is with You. I love you and bring souls to You.” (Elizabeth) (July 15, 1962)

Today’s Readings: Moreover, we possess the prophetic message that is altogether reliable. You will do well to be attentive to it, as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. (2 Peter 1)

Prayer Meditation- Lord, today we honor the Transfiguration when You showed Your Glory to the Apostles. For a brief moment Your Divinity was on display. The time on the mountaintop was to prepare and strengthen them for what was going to happen in the valley- Your Passion and Death. We live our lives Lord mostly in the valley- we may have brief mountaintop moments but they do not last. And yet we possess what is altogether reliable- You live in us and Your Spirit is the lamp that shines in the dark places of our lives if we are attentive. You are the light of the world even when we cannot see! Let us be called to the lamp of Your Presence.

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