of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Meditate with Elizabeth on the Holy Face

Meditate with Elizabeth on the Holy Face

Jesus spoke to Elizabeth and said:

“Look at my disfigured Face and My tortured Sacred Body. Didn’t I suffer to save souls? Believe in Me and adore Me.”

Page 7 of the Full Diary

Elizabeth: At that very moment I made acts of faith, hope, and charity begging Him to never allow that I be separated from Him.

Let Him chain me to His Sacred Feet so I would always be united to Him. Thus I would always feel sheltered. He then asked me to renounce myself because I tend to be distracted and worldly.

Jesus: “I do not force you. You have your free will; only if you want it.”

I tried with all my strength. Afterward, everything fell into place drawing me closer to Him. He kept urging me.

Jesus: “I want to give you great graces, but you must renounce yourself completely.”

As a lay Carmelite, Elizabeth Kindelmann OCDS had a deep devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. We love this photo, which offers us a glimpse into her devotional time. Perhaps it was taken in her little garden hut?