March 19th, 2022 Quarterly Leaders Conference

Thank you to all who were able to make it for the Spring Quarterly National Conference!

We had some questions from the conference that we would like to address, as well as share a couple of important take- a-ways that you could begin to apply in your families today.

Yvonne Duffy, Regional Leader of the western US, shared information about the Weekly Agenda and made note of how on Tuesday’s we could offer Spiritual Communions for family members though out the day, during our daily duties, and to “take each person, one by one, and offer then to Our Blessed Mother. ”

In additional to praying the Spiritual Communion Prayers on Tuesdays, we can offer up sacrifices for our family members, none are too small! Jesus encouraged Elizabeth to be creative in finding ways to make these offerings fit into ones lifestyle.

Finally, Father Mike Davis quoted and shared from St John Paul the Great’s, Letter to Families . This Letter from Saint John Paul is a treasure, not be overlooked, and is a guide to assist us in family life.

The family itself is the great mystery of God. As the “domestic church”, it is the bride of Christ. The universal Church, and every particular Church in her, is most immediately revealed as the bride of Christ in the “domestic church” and in its experience of love: conjugal love, paternal and maternal love, fraternal love, the love of a community of persons and of generations. Could we even imagine human love without the Bridegroom and the love with which he first loved to the end? Only if husbands and wives share in that love and in that “great mystery” can they love “to the end”. Unless they share in it, they do not know “to the end” what love truly is and how radical are its demands. And this is undoubtedly very dangerous for them.

St John Paul the Great

Sharing some great Q & A

From Bob:

“The Saturday devotion is for Our Lady and there is a line in there for the priest. “Seek for agonizing priests the grace of a holy death.” can you elaborate on this request?”

Although we typically use the word “agony” to mean great pain or suffering, there is a technical meaning for the word. It is the word used to describe what one experiences when dying. So this is a prayer for priests who are at the moment of their death.

From Kathy Bohn:

I have not met anyone since I moved here who knows about this devotion. I have asked our parish if they would allow a book study on the FOL as an introduction. Suggestions?

This is a great idea! Much will depend on your relationship with the Pastor and leading parishioners. Maybe all that can be done at first is to ask to pray the Unity Prayer at the end of the Rosary. Others may be open to having a speaker come in to talk about the greatest outpouring of graces since the Incarnation and a powerful force to blind Satan and take back our families and communities. Pray, fast, and see what doors have been opened before you.

From Karen Burden:

When don’t have family members to pray with you how do we pray to keep other family members from encouraging children to believe homosexuality is ok and criticize you for not accepting this?

This particular subject is a huge juggernaut, a giant club being used to break down morality because it is proposed as equal rights and an end to discrimination – something very important to Americans. Thus, we have a huge uphill battle. There are catchy slogans like “love is love” that are just not true and powerful commercials with people kissing behind an x-ray screen saying we are all the same under the skin which is also not true (how else would forensic scientists determine if a skeleton is male or female!). One powerful approach is to not take the negative approach of it is wrong which is then dismissed as judgmental and discriminatory but rather what is right about the Catholic view that human sexuality is about how, in love, we give life to others and that when we separate human sexuality from either love or life, really bad things happen – especially to children. Then we can make powerful arguments with objective facts that can be convincing to those who do not except “because God says so” as a reason. Most will still not listen because they want to believe what they want to believe but at least we have a fighting chance.

This is a huge topic so there is not enough space to answer adequately here.  We do have a couple of videos on the topic but even they are not in-depth enough: and

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, having homosexual tendencies is not immoral, while, understandably, acts are immoral as they cannot be procreative or unitive, essential purposes of the conjugal act.  For those with homosexual tendencies, such are a trial for most.  Of those with deep-seated homosexual tendencies: “They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.  Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives, and, if they are Christians, to unite to he sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross, the difficulties they may encounter from their condition”  (CCC #2358).

From Patricia:

A family member is an atheist and was never baptized. What should I do?

March 11, 1964

While meditating on the infinite mercy of His Sacred Heart and desiring souls for Him, I recommended my family in a special way to His mercy. The Lord Jesus spoke with a gentle and lively voice.

Jesus: “Heightened trust represents a significant guarantee. Tell Me, Elizabeth, can you imagine that I would not grant you what you are asking on behalf of souls? If it were so, would I not be the One hindering My work of Redemption? I see that you are dwelling on these thoughts, so I will answer your inner questions. Obviously, I do not call everyone in the same manner. I expect more from the one who has received more. But this is not the most important thing for you. The essential is to make sacrifices on behalf of those you want to lead along My road.”

From Barbara Provenzano:

How do you open hearts when family members view you as “too religious” and therefore dismiss you and distant themselves from you?

If words are driving them away, beauty of life may attract them. As the effect of grace permeates our lives, every act of ours becomes one lived for others, lived for love. Eventually, that becomes apparent. Once the wall they have erected because of our words is lowered by our silence, they may begin to see the beauty of grace. It will take time and, if they do not see it now, they will see it later.

October 9, 1962

Jesus: “When you are in Heaven and from up there you contemplate the death of one of your children, you will be by his bed. Your drop of oil will fall on the empty lamp and the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin will be lit. This great outpouring of graces will save souls from damnation. They will experience your motherly hand caressing them. Also, you will feel the great power which your many sufferings possess. These souls will also experience your hand which will help them at the moment of death. They will see your meritorious life on earth which they do not now appreciate.”

These family members are distressed because they have distanced themselves from a relationship with God, who has made each of us for Himself.  Her lived faith is a beacon which is brighter and potentially more inviting to her family members when she possesses peace, since nothing is impossible with God, as Mother Mary had learned during the Annunciation.

From Diana King-Gates:

Praying the family rosary; please talk about ways to get resistant couples to take up the practice, and similarly for a resistant spouse.

If there is resistance, force will not usually help but rather hurt. Patience and example may go further. It may take a major event, typically negative, to provide an openness to praying a family Rosary about a situation. So, if there is resistance, don’t keep pushing lest it build more resistance but keep attentive to a life opportunity that may open the door and let’s set the example ourselves. Who knows? We might be surprised one day when they ask to join us!

In regard to having resistant family members pray the rosary, it helps to offer gentle, occasional invitations to join in the prayers. We never know when the Lord is moving in another person’s heart. Also, begin slowly, even just one Hail Mary, or one decade prayed together can be the first step to eventually praying the entire rosary together.

From Karen Burden:

Isn’t the night also the time Satan is more on the prowl?

Yes. In fact, personally, I started keeping night vigils long before I became aware of the Flame of Love Movement as I would arise at 3:00 AM to pray a Divine Mercy chaplet at the hour of mockery of the 3:00 death of our Lord for those who give themselves over to the direct worship of Satan. It is a powerful time for us to blind Satan and weaken his influence.

From Kathy Bohn:

There are no live cenacles in OHIO. I want to start one. I have joined one in MD. Would like to bring this devotion to OHIO. Looking for steps on how to do this

Please contact Linda Rhein, who is the regional coordinator and she will help get you started.