of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Light the Flame at a Eucharistic Caravan Rally Point Near You

Light the Flame at a Eucharistic Caravan Rally Point Near You

May our hands gather in UNITY!

Light hearts on fire, show your love for the Eucharist and be part of one of the largest pilgrimages ever in the history of our Church and our nation. Flame of Love devotees will assemble at planned Rally Points across the nation as part of the Eucharistic Caravan to the 2024 National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis in July. Pilgrims from across the country will begin May 17th processing from all corners of the U.S. behind the Blessed Sacrament, converging at churches, sacred sites and shrines along the way. BE A RALLY POINT LEADER!

IGNITE the Flame of Love!

  • With Jesus as the focus of the entire pilgrimage, it’s a perfect opportunity to share the grace of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which always points to Her Son, and to pray together that through the Holy Sacrifices of the Mass, Christ will draw us into greater unity as a people, as a nation and as a Holy Church.
  • “Every movement needs a moment.” This culmination point of the three-year Eucharistic Revival is clearly a special moment for Immaculate Heart of Mary and The Flame of Love movement.
  • Special events on the routes will include Sunday Mass at a Cathedral or other major church in the host diocese, Eucharistic adoration, praise and worship, or a talk with a Eucharistic theme. Volunteer to be a Flame of Love Rally Point leader and please contact Paula and details will be directly emailed to you. Or bring the Flame of Love in your heart to these special gatherings!
  • Rally Point leaders are asked to lead Flame of Love devotees in a group prayer. We will supply Rally Point leaders with Flame of Love information and a prayers guide. Rally Point Leaders will be encouraged to purchase UNITY PRAYER cards to distribute at the event, but this is not mandatory.
  • On July 16, 2024, all four branches of this historic Pilgrimage will converge in Indianapolis for the 10th National Eucharistic Congress – an important milestone within the three-year Eucharistic Revival movement.

June 21-23 South Route Atlanta https://www.eucharisticpilgrimage.org/st-juan-diego-route

June 21-23 East Route Steubenville, OH https://www.eucharisticpilgrimage.org/st-elizabeth-ann-seton-route

June 28-30 North Route Chicago https://www.eucharisticpilgrimage.org/marian-route

June 28-30 East Route Columbus https://www.eucharisticpilgrimage.org/st-elizabeth-ann-seton-route

July 5-7 North Route Notre Dame https://www.eucharisticpilgrimage.org/marian-route

July 5-7 East Route Cincinnati https://www.eucharisticpilgrimage.org/st-elizabeth-ann-seton-route

July 5-7 West Route St. Louis https://www.eucharisticpilgrimage.org/st-junipero-serra-route

If you and your cenacle are interested in becoming FLAME OF LOVE RALLY POINT LEADERS to IGNITE the Flame of Love at any of the above cities along the Pilgrimage, please contact Paula and details will be directly emailed to you.

For more information about the 10th National Eucharistic Congress July 17-21 in Indianapolis, or to register to attend, click here: https://www.eucharisticcongress.org/