Lenten Virtual Mom’s Gathering 2022

The journey through Lent is a time of penance, prayer, and alms, which thus far, has been made even more fruitful with our Thursday Morning Mom’s Gathering. We have been refreshed by the heart to heart discussions, getting to know Elizabeth Kindelmann and her spiritual writings, and by sharing our own personal testimonies.

As we approach our 3rd week together, we are taking this opportunity to set up a blog post to share some of the resources mentioned in our time together. We have opened this blog posts to comments and hope that we can continue to foster the unity we are experiencing in the group via these postings. So comment away:)

Thank you to all of you who have joined us. And if you are reading this and have been interested in joining, it’s not too late!

There has already been feedback and interest in continuing on with the gathering past Lent, so we will see Our Blessed Mother has in store for us.

United always in the Flame of Love,

Annie, Roseann, and Jill




Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Prayer Group”

DAILY @ 04:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

Novena to Consecration


Diary Page Corrections for Session 3

  • Daily Attacks on the Spiritual Life pgs 122, 123, 127 of the Fully Diary
  • Experiencing Christ’s Thirst pg. 20 of the Full Diary


Consecration Prayer for Ukraine, Russia, and All Humanity

3 thoughts on “Lenten Virtual Mom’s Gathering 2022

  1. What a great addition to our Lenten Program to not only extend the conversations and reflections but to also connect with our relationships to one another.
    I am very grateful to God for this gathering. Most thankful for the inspiration to reach out to Mothers. Bless each one of you for saying “yes”, your Fiat to the Flame of Love.

  2. ~ A Reflection Shared ~

    Our homes are a SANCTUARY – a place of safety or refuge. A home is where members of our family gather and grow with common interests and mutual support for each other. A family has the ability to form solidarity with the understanding of one another’s feelings and actions that are guided by our worship of God and by the example of the Holy Family.

    The Flame of Love, you will find is actually the IMMENSE LOVE AND ABUNDANT GRACE OF GOD HIMSELF, which God wants to give to all of us, especially to our families in these times. The Flame of Love will do two very specific things – “BLIND SATAN” and “SAVE SOULS”. This will bring about the RENEWAL OF THE EARTH.

    Our Blessed Mother thinks of us AS HER CHILDREN. Our Blessed Mother wants ONLY GOOD THINGS for her children. Our Heavenly Mother does only the will of God – the God of all humanity.

    In 1 John 1:5-7, we hear —
    God is Light
    In Him There is No Darkness
    If we walk in Light
    As He is in the Light
    And the Blood of His Son Jesus
    CLEANSES US from all sin.

    When Elizabeth was unable to enter a convent, she began a LIFE OF PRAYER. This mission can be bestowed upon us only if it is out of our own free will. Elizabeth accepted the WILL OF GOD to be done. Her soul was so overwhelmed with GRACE. Very deep within, she could HEAR THE WORDS OF JESUS AND MARY. Elizabeth could clearly distinguish the VOICE of Lord Jesus from that Virgin Mary. He FILLED HER SOUL with the STRENGTH of His Grace. Tiredness was always a problem. Family responsibility caused difficulties. Elizabeth overcame all these obstacles by HER STRONG WILL AND HER DESIRE, WITH GREAT EFFORT. Jesus asked her to carve in her mind, that the WORD OF GOD is always the same. For through it, He seeks the SALVATION OF SOULS.

    Elizabeth reflected on her experiences of being a FAITHFUL scribe of the Cause. She lacks both an ease in writing and an ability to spell so it was difficult to put everything into writing. The Lord’s goodness always COMFORTED HER. He asked Elizabeth to communicate HIS WORDS TO OTHERS so many souls may benefit. This beautiful diary will LIGHT UP the whole world.

    Elizabeth suffered many problems and trials that she overcame with exceptional COURAGE. She became the INSTRUMENT of the Lord and the Virgin Mary. Our Lady speaks about her CAUSE, throughout the diary, with the meaning to SPREAD THIS MESSAGE and to put the DIVINE REQUESTS INTO ACTION. Mary explained her role, “I want to place a new instrument in your hands. It is the FLAME OF LOVE OF MY HEART. With this Flame, FULL OF GRACES that I give you from MY HEART, you must IGNITE ALL THE HEARTS, GOING FROM ONE TO THE OTHER. Its BRIGHTNESS will BLIND SATAN.

    Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ,
    save us and the whole world. Amen.

  3. Five Effects of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary… the movement of grace for our times.

    Our Lady promises many blessings…
    1. To blind Satan. The diary highlights and actually describes this gift as Elizabeth was able to blind Satan, making him powerless and freeing those who felt his oppression.

    2. To save souls (especially family members). The diary contains many promises concerning the family.
    Elizabeth was a mother of six children, all of whom had their own struggles. She worried about their eternal salvation. Our Lady told her that she was chosen specifically because she was a mother and that from heaven she would be with her children at their death beds.

    3. To save the family. The Flame of Love is family focused. Our Lady wants parents to gather their children for prayer and devotion. She will come to every home which invites her.

    4. To free souls from purgatory. Our Lady makes great promises, especially for those who keep the Monday fast (bread and water until 6:00 PM). So often, we forget our deceased relatives and friends.
    5. To convert the world. The Flame is meant for the whole world. Our Lady promised many miracles which all would realize took place, without any elaborate investigation.

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