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Journey into the Flame this Lent

Journey into the Flame this Lent

Jesus: “I want to give you great graces, but you must renounce yourself completely.”

Page 7 Spiritual Diary

As we begin Lent, let us enter into the death of ourselves with great JOY! We are partakers of the Divine Life of Christ who dwells within us. When we renounce our lives, HE GIVES US HIS LIFE, through grace.

In the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindlemann, Jesus and Mary teach us how to amend our lives through reparation and grace. Heaven has given us a antidote to sin, where satan is blinded and souls are liberated! This is mercy for our time so let us embrace our crosses and cover them with these graces.

Here are 4 spiritual practices of the Flame of Love that transform us through grace:

1. Memorize the Unity Prayer and pray it throughout the day.

Jesus said, “Through this prayer, Satan will be blind and souls will not be led into sin.

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The Unity Prayer is the prayer which illuminates the path to Calvary. When we pray it, we are praying to be one with Jesus, to take a share of the cross that He carries still each day. What a great gift to the church! Let us learn this prayer that makes us so bright a LIGHT, that we blind satan and save souls.

2. Enter into the Weekly Agenda

Jesus: “My daughter, I’m now going to specify how each day of the week should be allocated. . . . Come, if you have time. If you have plenty of it, tell Me. The decision is yours. I respect your free will completely. You flatter Me if you abandon it spontaneously to Me.

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If you have yet to begin allocating your days as Jesus and Mary ask us in the Diary, now is the time! Start where you can. One day a week, and go from there. Pray and ask for the graces to offer what you are able, in accordance to your state in life. If you are praying about how to stretch yourself and go deeper into fasting this LENT, the weekly agenda will have some opportunities for you.

3. Pray with others in a Cenacle of Reparation

There are many opportunities to join us in prayer during Lent and the entire year. We have on-line virtual prayer groups and in-person groups though out the entire world! When we come together to pray, Mary pours out Her Flame of Love Graces over all of humanity and satan is blinded.

4. Pray a Night Vigil in the Perpetual Vigil Room

A night prayer vigil can be offered for 5 minutes or 5 hours! Some people set their alarms to wake in the night, others awaken on their own. There is no right or wrong way to pray in a night vigil. All that is needed is our desire to do so for the sake of love.

In the coming weeks of Lent, we will share more about how these practices remedy sin and participate in the Divine Life of Christ.

Let us LIGHT the Flame of Love in your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to come, come by means of the power Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.