of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Yvonne Duffy writes about John Sullivan, our new International Coordinator…

In early December 2024, the West Region of the United States was blessed to receive a visit from Mr. John Sullivan, who is was the Asst. International Coordinator for the Flame of Love Movement at the time.  During his four day Tour of Southern California, Mr. Sullivan worked tirelessly, earnestly spreading Our Blessed Mother’s Flame of Love in three different dioceses.  Within a short period of time, he offered a total of 10 presentations in 8 parishes, meeting with several priests as well as with numerous parish leaders and cenacle members.

During his many talks, Mr. Sullivan expressed Our Blessed Mother’s great desire to place her burning Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart into everyone’s heart, until every person, not just those belonging to the Catholic Church, receives this love. Our Lady desires that her Flame of Love will become a wildfire that consumes all of humanity and that “the satanic hatred that contaminates the world will be extinguished so that the greatest number of souls will be saved.”

Mr. Sullivan also reminded us that the Flame of Love is much more than a prayer devotion, it is instead the Love that burns in the Blessed Mother’s heart, Jesus Himself.  When the Flame of Love is received, people’s minds and hearts are illuminated so that “all can see the road that leads to the Kingdom of her Divine Son.” This outpouring of graces has never been seen “since the Word became Flesh.”  We can bring this powerful rush of graces home to our families so they will also experience the miraculous, transforming effect of the Flame of Love in their lives and our homes can once again become sanctuaries of faith, hope, and joy, united in the Love of God.

   Mr. Sullivan emphasized that for the Flame of Love to be effective, we must respond to the Movement of Grace by leading a life of Prayer, Sacrifice, Desire and Labor, by which we participate in Our Lady’s work of blinding Satan for the salvation of souls. “Satan’s blindness means the universal triumph of My Divine Heart, the liberation of souls, and the opening of the way to salvation to its fullest extent.” The act of blinding Satan occurs when we cooperate with the Movement of Grace by committing acts of love through sacrifice in our every day lives.  “Sacrifice and Prayer!  These are your instruments.  The goal is to bring about the powerful work of salvation.”  “Live in accordance with my graces so that Satan will be blinded even more and in an increasingly large range of action.  Take advantage of the abundant graces to make a multitude of souls live a holier life.”  When we do our part, living the life of Grace in our everyday lives, then Our Lady does her part and spreads her Flame of Love to others.  As she told Elizabeth Kindlemann, “Endure suffering and bring constant sacrifices! Your sufferings are not in vain, but who is to understand my Flame of Love and how is not your business…..I’m the one who acts, and I’m the one who lights the Flame of my love in the depth of hearts.”

So, once having received and responded to the Flame of Love through Sacrifice and Prayer, we can incorporate the devotional elements by Meditating on the Five Wounds of Jesus, integrate the Flame of Love Hail Mary in the Rosary and include the Unity Prayer throughout the day.  We can bring this message home to our families so that they may also become active participants in grace and help to drive out evil.  If so inspired, people can bring the Flame of Love to their parishes through the formation of a cenacle, or even join the Flame of Love Apostolate.  The Flame of Love Movement is available to assist you if you sense that the Blessed Mother is calling you to help spread her Flame.

The West Region extends their greatest gratitude to Mr. Sullivan for his generous donation of time and energy to bring the Flame of Love to the Southern California area.   Also, many thanks to the coordinators, supporters and attendees at San Secondo D’ Asti in Ontario, Saint Hedwig’s in Los Alamitos, Saint John the Baptist in Baldwin Park, Immaculate Conception in Monrovia, Saint Joan of Arc in Victorville, Saint Joseph’s in Pomona and Saint Therese in Alhambra, California, for hosting Mr. Sullivan and extending their warm hospitality.

Yvonne Duffy

United States West Regional Director