Immaculate Mary and Emmanuel

As we have begun this Advent journey on Sunday, November 27, I almost immediately think “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” as the days of Advent approach and the first Sunday arrives. During this pre-Christmas liturgical season, we know Jesus, “Emmanuel,” has already come as you and I came into this world.

Jesus, “Flame of Love,” could not have come the first time without His dependence on Mother Mary, whose role as Mother of God began with the Incarnation. Jesus was nourished by His mother while in the womb as we were in our mothers’ wombs.  We look forward to Jesus’ Second Coming, and we fittingly sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” with joy and not fear because He is the Flame of Love.  Mother Mary is the only woman who was able to carry Jesus in her womb and give birth to Him because she is Immaculate Mary. Only a sinless woman could have the privilege of birthing Emmanuel at His First Coming, and her Immaculate Conception necessarily bestowed such maternal rights.  I often wonder how many people actually fear Jesus’ unpredictable return to this earth as the Universal Judge. I suspect these fearful people may suffer from a spiritual amnesia; the benefits of the Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  I wonder if they know that Jesus had entrusted His sorrowing mother to His disciples in every age just moments before he died at Calvary as the Supreme Priest.  Dear sisters and brothers, waiting requires a great deal of patience much of the time; in the waiting period, a variety of thoughts and emotions are stirred.  We are confident and fearless as we await Jesus’ return to earth, because His Immaculate mother is ours too, and her role as our spiritual mother moves her to go to Jesus as the unique mediatrix for our benefit. While none of us is “immaculate”, each of us has been redeemed and is equipped by Jesus, “The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” to receive abundant graces and be in His and Mother Mary’s company one day.

Advent Reflection written by Father Mike Davis