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I, the Beautiful Ray of Dawn, will blind Satan – Part I

I, the Beautiful Ray of Dawn, will blind Satan – Part I

The theme of this year’s US National Conference (and the theme for the entire Flame of Love Movement set by our International Director, Győző Kindelmann this year), was, “I, the Beautiful Ray of Dawn, will blind Satan”. Eileen, our US National Director, has asked me to write a series of reflections on this powerful theme.

For me, it invokes intensely personal images from my past. Before taking my degree in Theology, I majored in Physics and Voice Performance at the University of Rochester and the Eastman School of Music in upstate New York. I was also one of the few students who could justify a car because I made my living playing accordion in dance halls and bar rooms. Often, my closest friends would pile into my car in the middle of the night, look at a map of New York and say, “there are no roads there – let’s go there!”

Our favorite spot was the Finger Lakes. In the deepness of night, high up on a farmer’s hill, we could look over the lakes with their shores dotted in the lights of the sleeping houses. We’d throw snowballs, flop out in the snow to watch the shooting stars and then . . . then . . . something extraordinary would happen. I can only describe it as the “shattering dawn”.

The people in the valley couldn’t see it but we, on the rest of the hill could. It was subtle. Almost imperceptible but unmistakable – dawn had come and the darkness knew it. Even though still dark, something fundamentally changed. There was no stopping it. No hope that the darkness could push it back. Slowly, inexorably, dawn was rising and darkness had no choice but to recede.

This is happening – happening now. I can tell you in my position as Director of International Dissemination that our Blessed Mother is quickly lighting her Flame of Love in country after country with breathtaking speed. It is not just our future hope; it is our current hope – it is happening now. The dawn is rising.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore what this means in very practical terms. For now, take heart, for our Lady is on the move and she, the Beautiful Ray of Dawn, will vanquish the darkness.