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Gratitude-It’s Not Just For Samaritans

Gratitude-It’s Not Just For Samaritans

Today’s Consuming Fire Meditation- – A Daily Dose of the Flame of Love Diary Served Up with Today’s Scriptures

Twenty Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gratitude- It is Not Just For Samaritans

“Gratitude is all I want in return. Tell Me just one word: ‘Thanks’”. (Jesus) (August 7, 1963)

Today’s Readings: Jesus said in reply,
“Ten were cleansed, were they not?
Where are the other nine?
Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?”
Then he said to him, “Stand up and go;
your faith has saved you.” (Luke 17).

Prayer Meditation- Lord, today we hear the Gospel of the ten lepers who were healed. Only one gave thanks, the Samaritan. We like to think we are like that Samaritan and that we would give thanks to You but truthfully so many of us are like the other nine. Because every day Your Grace is poured out on us in abundance. We would not even be breathing without Your Grace. It is so easy to lose focus and lose gratitude for all of our blessings even in the hard times and yet it is gratitude that is really the antidote to so much that keeps us down. Sin, selfishness, self-absorption, anxiety and depression are many times the fruits of us looking only at ourselves and not focusing on You, the One who gave all so that we could live the abundant life You died to give us. Not only here, where, yes we will suffer and have many trials, but in the next life to come. So let us be thankful even in those trials because You would not have allowed the trouble if it was not for our good. So let’s try it today- gratitude, not just for “Samaritans” but everyone because we are called by His Name and saved by His Blood if we but cooperate with Grace!