Free From Harm

Today’s Consuming Fire Meditation- – A Daily Dose of the Flame of Love Diary Served Up with Today’s Scriptures

Friday of the Second Week of Ordinary Time

Free From Harm

My adorable Jesus.” He said, “I am that one. Do you see? The time you spend with Me should not harm your family.” We walked home together in silence. I speak thus because He filled me with His presence. Immersed in Him, I kept adoring Him. (Elizabeth/Jesus) (February 14, 1965)

Today’s Readings: Have mercy on me, O God; have mercy on me, for in you I take refuge. In the shadow of your wings I take refuge, till harm pass by. (Psalm 57)

Prayer Meditation- Lord how many times do we find ourselves in situations that we wonder, how did I get here? Arguments, dilemmas, work problems, habits we can’t break. Lord, when we are in these sticky situations it is pretty much guaranteed that we have not prayed first and asked for Your Saving Help. Because without prayer cover, we can be picked off by the enemy like low hanging fruit. Thank You Lord Jesus that even in the midst of our busy duties we can stay in constant conversation with You and remain in the shadow of Your Wings. And when we have wandered off the narrow path, thank You Jesus, for Your Mercy for every fall and stumble along the way. Lord as You told St. Faustina, the cause of our falls is that we rely too much on ourselves and too little on You. But let that not sadden us so much, You told us, because we are dealing with the God of mercy which our misery cannot exhaust! (Divine Mercy in My Soul) Let us throw ourselves on the Throne of Grace with hearts full of sorrow (St. Therese) ready to begin again!