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Father Blount on Divine Love and the Eucharist

Father Blount on Divine Love and the Eucharist

Talk about Eucharistic Revival! Watch for the moment when Father Blount’s heart becomes enflamed describing the infinite love we receive at Holy Mass, as his message is being translated to Lithuanian.
Father Blount help us to understand the mystery and truth of Divine Love and some “saintly secrets” for our journey to Heaven. “We have to be careful sometimes at Mass, because we might float off the floor.” This message was recorded from Father Blount’s international travels, readings from Oct. 30, 2022. Praying for our Lithuanian brothers and sisters as the spread the Flame of Love.


First Brothers, I want to point out to you, and the first reading today from the Book of Wisdom, an unusually beautiful phrase is used for God. The book calls Him, “O Lord and Lover of Souls.” Lover. Lover of Souls. This is something incredible. God didn’t make you and I just like another thing. We are not things; we are persons made in the image and likeness of God. And so, we have a value that’s infinite. That’s why it’s a great, it’s the greatest tragedy for someone to go to hell.

Everyone was actually made for Heaven. The Lord when He first made the universe, He didn’t make a hell. He had to make it later for lucifer because lucifer exited Heaven. But when He made it for lucifer he didn’t want us to go there. We weren’t destined to go there. It was made for the fallen angels. And so, you must write this on your heart, you were made for Heaven.

The best way to ensure that we enter Heaven one day, the best way to ensure that, is to begin living today as if we were already in Heaven. Amen.

If we live here as if we were in Heaven, we will be ready. It will be easy when we die. Easy. Because we will recognize Heaven. Amen.

Now a second important aspect of today’s readings, first we saw that God is a lover of souls. He desires a friendship with us.

So, we see in the second reading in the book of Psalms, “I will praise Your name forever my King and my God.” And so, we see now the beginning of a relationship.

So, it’s not just that God loves souls, but souls love God.

Now this is amazing . . . The table, it can’t love God. God loves the table, but the table doesn’t love God. It can’t love God. And God loves the trees, but only a person can love God back. It’s almost like a man and a woman falling in love.

A man sees God and he falls in love and so the Psalms says, “I will praise your name forever, my King and my God.”

So, we don’t just love God, we are in love with God. Mamma Mia!

We don’t just love Him we are in love with Him, and so we enter into praise and thanksgiving. This is a powerful love. It’s not a little love, not a little tiny quiet love.

Sometimes it is quiet but then it must break forth in praise.

You only praise what you love.

If you’re watching your favorite football team, Go! Go! Go!

And if you look at your favorite person God,  I praise You! I Praise You! I love You!

Praise is the fullness of love. When you love greatly you praise. When you love your wife or your husband, you praise them. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world. Or you have a little boy and a little girl. How’s the best little boy in the whole world? And when you’re in love with God, you have a flame in your heart, and you have to praise Him, or you’ll die. You will die. You have to praise Him. Love must be expressed. And so that’s what we’re trying to do at Mass. Mass is the praise of God.  And we want to enter into Mass with a great love. The Mass should be beautiful. Whether it’s a small Mass or in a Cathedral – the same thing. You want the Flame of Love to come down over every Mass. You want to begin to love God with a great love.

Now I will share with you one more secret. God has done for us something even more.

He not only made us into persons. He not only loves us, and He not only calls us to a relationship of love. But when we receive Holy Communion, we receive God Himself. We are united with God, and His love mingles with our love. Suddenly we are loving God with God’s love. God’s love in me is loving God. With the Eucharist I love God with God’s love. This is an infinite love. This is bliss. We have to be careful sometimes at Mass because we might float off the floor. Because we fall in love with God, with God’s own love, and this will be our Heaven forever. Mass is the beginning of Heaven.

Thank you to Fr. Blount and our Lithuanian brothers and sister for helping to preserve this message.