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Family Tradition

Family Tradition

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Saturday of the Third Week of Advent

Family Tradition

“It is to the warm solidarity of the family sanctuary that souls come back to, after having strayed far. It is there that they come to find themselves and they once more return to God. It is necessary for you, mothers, to extend the warm understanding of your hearts to your children even once they have established their own homes. She (Mary) wants every family to be a sanctuary, a wonderful place where, in union with you, she works miracles in the depth of hearts. Going from heart to heart, she places in your hands the Flame of Love of her heart. Through your prayers and sacrifices, it will blind Satan who wants to rule over families.” (Jesus) (January 17, 1964)

Today’s Reading

Thus, the total number of generations
from Abraham to David
is fourteen generations;
from David to the Babylonian exile, fourteen generations;
from the Babylonian exile to the Christ,
fourteen generations. (Matthew 1)

Prayer Meditation- O Lord, this season is a time for families. The genealogy of the Word Made Flesh includes everyone from prostitutes to kings. Lord You chose to have a family history just like us. And as we may feel troubled about our family situations that seem impossible, we are reminded that You always have the last word and You are working right now especially through the Flame of Love to bring Your children home!