of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Christ Our Light

Christ Our Light

Today’s Consuming Fire
Meditation- – A Daily Dose of the Flame of Love Diary Served Up with Today’s

Wednesday of the Fourth Week in Easter

Christ Our Light

“My little one, I want that not one soul be damned. You should want this together with me. For this purpose, I place in your hands a beam of light that is the Flame of Love of my heart.” (Mary) (January 15, 1964 )

Today’s Readings: I came into the world as light ,so that everyone who believes in me might not remain in darkness.(John 12)

Prayer Meditation- O Jesus You are the Light of the World- You came as light in Your Incarnation and You come as light in our times to pour out Your Graces into this critical time of darkness. Come Lord Jesus into our hearts and let us not delay in passing this Flame of Love to our neighbors by prayer, sacrifice, and acts of mercy! Let us desire that Your Light would pour out and illumine all hearts so that none would remain in darkness and let us act on this desire in concert with the Holy Spirit and Your Blessed Mother!

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