Our Risen Lord bestows on each of us the extraordinary gift of inspiring faith and hope during the Easter Season. Elizabeth Kindelmann writes, “While I adored Him, a religious sister came near to me.  She became wrapped in that same love that was burning in my soul and maintained me in the presence of the Holy Majesty of God.” Elizabeth was even more surprised when priests began to experience the effects of the graces of the Flame of Love from her intercessory prayers.

My own personal initiation to the graces of the Flame of Love came through Tony Mullen who began a cenacle in our Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Tony inspired me to study and join our cenacle with his intense desire to purify his soul in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, reverent reception of the Eucharist and his love for Adoration. During this Easter Season, believe that by your prayers, devotions and frequent reception of the Sacraments, you too can pass on the gift of faith in the Risen Lord. For our Lord explained to Elizabeth: “I am the One who radiates these graces upon you, and through you, on the souls that come to you. The Flame of Love our Mother obliges Me.”

As we prepare for our celebration for the National Day of Prayer on May 5, 2022, please ask our Risen Lord will heal our Nation by strengthening our faith, family life and trust in our political leaders. Only Jesus can deliver us from the lies of the devil, who is the source of sickness, sin and death. When we worship together as a family of faith, we grow in compassion and care. Moreover, Jesus reveals the way and the truth to our heavenly home, where there is no more sickness and sadness. By practicing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, we can taste the joy of the Communion of Saints.

How can we entrust our lives to the grace and guidance of God’s Powerful Spirit (our GPS) who wants to makes us channels of his love and mercy? First, believe that God is always loving and forgiving. Secondly, when we feel powerless over sickness and sin, know that Jesus suffers with us in our humanity, but heals and forgives us through his divinity. Thirdly, we need to associate with people of faith willing to share our struggles and teach us how to live the Be-Attitudes of Christ. Finally, as Gifted-Givers, we must share the blessings of our Risen Lord with our compassionate hearts and caring hands.

Honor Tony Mullen and the person who touched your heart by sharing your personal witness with all who hunger for healing and holiness from our Divine Physician. Inspire our spiritual and political leaders by becoming the living, loving and forgiving presence of our Risen Lord. For all our hearts are restless, until we rest in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Rejoice this Easter Season and expect miracles of divine love, peace and joy!

Grateful for all your love and prayers for all our Cenacle leaders and participants,

Monsignor Ralph J. Chieffo

National Spiritual Director

We Share the Glory of the Cross


by Monsignor Ralph J. Chieffo

Lord Jesus, each Lent, you renew our faith and hope with your redemptive love and mercy. Our faith family sings your praises for through a Virgin, you brought forth a new birth in our world; through your miracles, a new power; through your suffering, new patience; and in your resurrection a new hope that we can be your presence, strength, and peace for one another.

By sharing in the glory of the Cross, God’s Powerful Spirit (GPS) enabled Elizabeth Kindelmann to be faithful, forgiving and fruitful in living the Flame of Love messages from Jesus and Mary. This poor widow writes of her burdens: “This violence exhausts my body and soul. I am incapable of doing this on my own strength because it involves great humiliation.” Our mission is to deepen our personal relationship with Jesus and Mary “heart to heart.” Our Blessed Mother consoled and challenged her “You cannot rest. Be neither weary nor uncommunicative. You have to make the most of your mission through that person who has also been assigned to accompany you.” Our Lady spoke to her of future cenacles when “groups of people would spread the Cause.”

If you have been away from your Flame of Love Cenacle, our priests and leaders sincerely welcome you back so that together, we can encounter the Risen Christ this Easter. We believe that our Risen Lord lives and loves through our compassionate hearts and caring hands, even as we battle against our sinful natures. Our confidence and courage to live and love again comes from our crucified and risen Lord who loves us even to the point of experiencing anguish, abandonment, death, and hell, in order to emerge triumphantly to tell us: “We are not alone; put your trust in me!”

Since Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins, our Divine Physician offers his peace in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. At Mass, the Word of God transforms us into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Eucharist Lord, so that we can nourish our loved ones. For by sharing the glory of the Cross, our Risen Lord will stir into flame the radioactive love and mercy of his Holy Spirit burning in our hearts.

Please pray for peace in our hearts, homes and the Ukraine. Trust that by praying, fasting and almsgiving, we become “ambassadors for Christ” and the best version of ourselves. Pope Francis teaches that Christian fasting leads to feasting on the love and mercy flowing from the Flame of Love empowering us to grow as disciples of Jesus and Mary.

Fasting from worldly ambition,
while feasting on God’s faithfulness;
Fasting from indifference and callousness,
while feasting on trust and the blessing of diversity;
Fasting from shallow pleasures,
while feasting on spiritual riches;
Fasting from mundane distractions,
while feasting on meaning, depth and purpose;
Fasting from resentment and irritation,
while feasting on love and mercy;
Fasting from fear and distrust,
while feasting on generosity and hospitality;
Fasting from closed-mindedness,
while feasting on surrender and ongoing conversion;
Fasting from hardness of heart,
while feasting on generosity and joy;
Fasting from rigidity and rash judgment,
while feasting on affection and solidarity;
In my fasting and feasting, may God be praised …

May Jesus and Mary bless your heart with peace, love and joy,

Monsignor Ralph J. Chieffo


In the French Revolution, the reformers promoted life, liberty and fraternity without God. They persecuted the Catholic Church, clergy, religious and laity, and destroyed many churches, statues and paintings. At the same time, Jesus revealed to Saint Margaret Alacoque to blessings of mercy, love and peace flowing from his Sacred Heart. Our Blessed Mother appeared to Saint Catherine Laboure promising miracles of faith, hope and love by wearing a miraculous medal. In Lourdes Our Blessed Mother appeared to Saint Bernadette calling us to renew our Baptismal commitment to be the priest, prophet and king of our family and friends like Jesus.

In our troubled times, we find healing and holiness in the visitation of Jesus and Mary to Elizabeth Kindelmann. When Communism and Secularism tempt us to instant gratification, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary fill our hearts with divine mercy, peace and joy. Her journey of listening and obeying the messages and patiently putting them into practice reveals how all can develop a personal intimacy with our Lord and our Blessed Mother. In turn, like Saint John Paull II, this poor widow inspires to overcome our fear and promote faith, hope and love Heart to Heart.

Jesus opens the eyes of the blind Bartimaeus crying out for mercy. In thanksgiving for his healing, Bartimaeus obediently follows Jesus to Jerusalem to sacrifice his life. To enjoy resurrection and new life, we too must take up the cross of Christ and work for justice and peace, especially for the poor. Kindelmann intensified her devotion time and received the approval of the priests before sharing the revelations. We praise God for the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit for the teachings in our cenacles and conferences. Above all, the best way to evangelize is by witnessing how Jesus and Mary live and love through us,

By washing the feet of the disciples and becoming the Lamb of God slaughtered for our sins, Christ’s earthly life was an example of serving, giving, and thinking of others. The word ransom only occurs in these two verses in the New Covenant. It means the price of release, and refers to a payment to achieve the release of slaves or captives from bondage. We are captives under the power of sin and death (Romans 5) from which we cannot free ourselves. Messiah’s substitutionary death redeemed us and set us free.

The climax of Christ’s service was His death, which redeemed from the devil and renewed our dignity as precious children of God. Jesus did this voluntarily, sacrificially, and obediently. Of course, there is one condition for anyone (including us) to enjoy the benefits of that ransom. We must be willing to accept the gift of Jesus. God’s love will only be experienced by our reciprocal faith and trust, as Jesus verified in His conversation with Rabbi Nicodemus: For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). One of the incredible abilities of Jesus was to stay on target. Because Elizabeth Kindelmann grew in her commitment to Jesus and Mary, she inspires us to become trustworthy stewards for those we serve.

Are you grateful for the gift of salvation by practicing and passing on your faith? Is your heart faithful, forgiving, forever and fruitful in bringing others to Jesus and our Catholic faith? Are you offering your time, talents and treasure to your parish family to build a family of faith in Jesus Christ through Catholic worship, education and charity?


While a child, our Blessed Mother asked Maximilian Kolbe to choose the red crown of martyrdom or white crown of sacrificing himself daily. The young Max responded that he wanted both crowns. Saint Maximilian Kolbe became a Franciscan priest and always chose to surrender his human will to God’s will. On fire with the love and mercy of Jesus, this Franciscan spread the good news of Jesus throughout the world and attracted over a thousand men to live in his monastery in Poland. When the Nazi regime invaded Poland, they sent Maximillian to a concentration camp. Even his enemies recognized the power of this priest who professed Jesus as the inspiration of all his thoughts, words and deeds. When one prisoner escaped, ten men had to die. When a family man screamed not to choose him, Maximilian offered himself. ? Do you believe that God’s will guarantees us divine love, peace and joy? How willing are you to sacrifice your life tor family, friends or even a stranger

Jesus elevated a little child in the presence of his disciples by placing the child in a privileged position of honor. It is customary, even today, to seat the guest of honor at the right side of the host. Who is the greatest in God’s kingdom? The one who is humble and lowly of heart – who instead of asserting their rights willingly empty themselves of pride and self-seeking glory by taking the lowly position of a servant or child. Jesus, himself, is our model. Jesus emptied himself and took the form of a servant to clothe us in his divine nature. God wants to fill us with his own glory God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Saint James warns us that if we want to be filled with God’s life and power, then we need to empty ourselves of everything, which stands in the way – pride, self-seeking glory, vanity, prejudice, anger and sloth. God wants empty vessels so he can fill them with his own glory, power, and love. Are you ready to humble yourself and to serve as Jesus did?

We do not know what the future holds, but if we believe that God created us to share his love, mercy and peace, we are destined to be a saint and like Maximillian inspire others. Take a minute for the next nine days and meditate gazing on a crucifix. Listen in your soul and allow Jesus to embrace you so that you can embrace all you love together.

Pray: “Lord Jesus, by your cross you have redeemed the world and revealed your glory and triumph over sin and death. May I never fail to see your glory and victory in the cross? Help me to conform my life to your will and to follow in your way of holiness.”

DEDICATE A CRUCIFIX IN OUR SCHOOL: we purchased new crucifixes for each of our classrooms. The students pray for all of you and if you want to donate one in honor of your family, the offering is $100. Send the offering to our parish office.