Győző Kindelmann’s 2021 New Year’s Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters, All of You Who Have Accepted into Your Heart the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin!

As you well know, around this time we always pick a short section of the Spiritual Diary which will serve as a motto for the members of the Movement for the entire year. With the help of the spiritual assistants and coordinators, we have done so again this year. We chose one of the promises of the Blessed Mother, which can fill us with hope during these difficult times: ”I, the Beautiful Ray of Dawn, will blind Satan!” (May 19, 1963)

I ask you to accept with open hearts my thoughts concerning the motto for 2021. . . .

Download the full text here:

A Prayer from Győző Kindelmann

Dear Brothers and Sisters . . . .

I wish you to always experience the Lord’s blessing, and with this prayer beg the Virgin Mother to be with you and with every member of the Movement:

Mary, our Mother,
in this worrisome time in which we live,
and in a world which has changed so much,
we beg you to bless every member of our Movement,
especially those who are suffering the most
from the consequences of the pandemic.
Wipe away the tears of pain,
stand beside the lonely afflicted,
help the faithful working in the health care field,
that they may be witnesses to the love of your Son.

Give us strength through your Flame of Love,
that we too might be instruments of God’s healing mercy
among our afflicted brethren!
Give us courageous hearts, which do not shrink from danger,
but which are able to recognize , love and help
everyone in need in these difficult days!
May you work in us at every moment.
May the flame of your motherly love put an end to the darkness,
which the enemy of souls feeds in hearts.

Finally, allow us, begging your intercession,
to call you by the name you called yourself:
Virgin Mary, the Beautiful ray of Dawn,
spread the grace of the Flame of Love over all humanity!

Budapest, November 23rd, 2020, Feast of Christ the King