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Bring the Flame of Love to the Eucharistic Revival Caravan

Bring the Flame of Love to the Eucharistic Revival Caravan

May our feet journey together!

Four routes, 60 days, a thousand hosts, 6000+ miles and 100,000+ participants – that’s the Eucharist Revival Caravan. Whether you join an organized route or create your own pilgrimage, you can help light hearts on fire by bringing the Flame of Love to this historic event.  Be part of one of the largest pilgrimages ever in the history of our Church and our nation, as pilgrims from across the country process behind the Blessed Sacrament on the way to the 2024 National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis. This expansive and powerful demonstration of faith in the Eucharist is a beacon for the entire country and the world!

Have an Emmaus Moment

Bringing Jesus in the Eucharist to communities across the country, the Pilgrimage reaches from coast-to-coast. Each of the four routes winds through city streets and urban highways with stops at shrines, churches and holy sites. Walking with and towards Jesus opens our hearts to moments of inspiration, fellowship, and opportunity to spread Mary’s Flame of Love — so needed at this time in this tumultuous world. The Flame you carry can help to ignite the fire of renewal so desired by Our Lord and Our Lady. We undertake this journey with Our Lord so that we and others may experience Him deeply and personally, as the disciples did 2,000 years ago at Emmaus. May it be a turning point for the renewal of the Church and the Faith around the world!

Jesus will be the focus of the entire pilgrimage as you walk side-by-side with the Lord in the Eucharist as public witness of our love for Him:

  • A small, dedicated group of young adults will walk full-time from May 17th to July 17th. They will be led by clergy and followed by a support van. These “Perpetual Pilgrims” will rely on the hospitality of local hosts, including lay families, parishes, religious orders and shrines along the way. Click here to volunteer as a host home:  https://www.eucharisticcongress.org/volunteer
  • You can participate in any portion of the Eucharistic Caravan by meeting up at any point on one of the four routes. We will be providing more information about specific potential “Rally Points” along the way that we have identified as potential Flame of Love meet-up points.
  • Special events on the routes will include Sunday Mass at a Cathedral or other major church in the host diocese, Eucharistic adoration, praise and worship, or a talk with a Eucharistic theme. Pray that through the Holy Sacrifices of the Mass, Christ will draw us into greater unity as a people, as a nation and as a Holy Church.
  • On July 16, 2024, all four branches of this historic Pilgrimage will converge in Indianapolis for the 10th National Eucharistic Congress – an important milestone within the three-year Eucharistic Revival movement and a historic moment for the Catholic Church in the U.S.

Explore the four routes across the United States and register for one of the many free events along the way:


STARTING LOCATION: Mississippi Headwaters, Lake Itasca, MN







In our next post we will share information about how you and your cenacle can become FLAME OF LOVE RALLY POINT LEADERS, and IGNITE the Flame of Love at different locations along the Pilgrimage!

For more information about the 10th National Eucharistic Congress July 17-21 in Indianapolis, or to register to attend, click here: https://www.eucharisticcongress.org/