Győző Kindelmann’s Message to our March 20, 2021 Leaders’ Conference

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I Greet You All in the Love of Jesus Christ!

Since all of us have committed ourselves to Our Blessed Mother and Her Flame of Love, I feel twice as much a brother to the Conference organizers, Speakers, leaders and each participant who is present.

The most important Message in the Flame of Love Spiritual Diary is the Unity Prayer which invites us to be united with Jesus in every moment of our lives, that we let Him be in charge of each of our actions, our feelings and every stirring of our understanding. I believe, that if this becomes a reality then we can be in complete unity not only with Jesus, but also with one another. Since, if we walk together with Jesus, if our hearts beat together, if our thoughts are one, then, In Christ and through Christ, we are all united with each other as well. This Unity is not dependent upon distance or numbers of miles, and precisely because of this, although I live
on the other side of the world, in my spirit, I am with You in this Conference.

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Radio Maria Español – March 05, 2021

Love has no language barriers.

Recently, I asked Eileen Piergiovanni to be my guest at the weekly Spanish radio María show. I was not sure if Eileen would be willing to be interviewed because she does not speak Spanish! I was so pleasantly surprised when she enthusiastically agreed to come and share her deep insights on Our Lady’s Flame of Love Grace. With the help of a translator Eileen ignited the flame in so many Spanish hearts across the United States and specifically in South Florida.

When I thanked Eileen for joining us in our Spanish show, she lovingly responded: “everything for Our Lady “. Eileen proceeded to tell us about how her grandma introduced her to Our Lady, and taught her how to light a candle with a prayer and how to love her Blessed Mother in heaven. These are precious memories for Eileen, and she continued to tell us about how the memories of her grandmother are that she loved our Blessed Mother very much and that she taught her how to love Her very much!!

Among other beautiful things, Eileen also told our Spanish audience of the importance of reading the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann. In her own words: “ The Diary is a beautiful gift from God. And the most striking feature of the Diary of the FOL is the joy that you receive as a gift. You still have suffering but you do receive joy. The joy comes from prayer and the FOL prayers blind Satan. And when Satan is blind, we are free to experience a taste of heaven on earth !”.

Eileen continued to tell us that Our Lady is simple and humble. She wants to save all souls. Our Lady helps us to grow in holiness in the Diary and the Diary in turn teaches us to grow closer to Jesus !

Fasting and sacrifices saves souls, and we’re supposed to fast and sacrifice. Also, Eileen said we are to eliminate all distractions that take us away from growing in intimacy with Our Lord!

There is much more that Eileen shared with our Spanish listeners , but for the sake of time and space I must end now.

Eileen Piergiovanni, our National director with her example witnessed that there is no barrier such as language that “ Love “ can not overcome!

A BIG thank you to Eileen from our Spanish listeners for such a beautiful interview!! Gracias!!

Patti Schwartz

Radio Maria Español – February 12, 2021

Father Peter has been a priest with the arquidiocese of Philadelphia for 40 years; 26 of these years he has worked as a director for the Hispanic Curia. Faher Peter has also worked as a spiritual advisor for The Legion of Mary in Philadelphia and has been active with Father Gobbi’s Marian Movement of Priests. Father Welch taught us that the devotion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus as well as the devotion to The Immaculate Heart of Mary are both based on The Sacred Scripture: The Sacred Heart of Jesus First Friday devotion originated when the soldier pierced Our Lord”s side on the cross. The Immaculate Heart of Mary devotion began when on the feast of The Presentation, Simeon prophesied that a sword would pierce Her heart. There is a new devotion now, based on the approved apparitions in Brazil in 1998: The devotion to The Three Sacred Hearts. It should be observed on the first Wednesday of every month. Notice that The devotions of THe Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary are always celebrated next to each other. Sister Natalia from Hungary in her mystical experiences received messages from Our Lord Jesus telling her that both Hearts are in complete union. Father also reminded us that two Hearts are also united in The Miraculous Medal.

Fr Jim Blount – January 21, 2021

Fr. James Blount is an internationally known Exorcist Priest of the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity (SOLT)-Georgia Mission. A very gifted Spiritual Director and Confessor. Fr. Jim is a bold charismatic preacher endowed and empowered with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He speaks of living a life in relationship with each of the Persons of the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. His teachings depict his deep love for the Eucharist and his intimate relationship, love, and devotion to Jesus and Mary draws many souls to also fall in love with them. There is a powerful instrument of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by so many stories of miracles, healings, and conversions. His talks help to increase awareness of the intense Spiritual Battle in our present world where evil has waged war against the Sacred thus aiming toward the destruction of the holy family life. His humble boldness and untiring drive to minister to the lost and ill are particularly noteworthy. Dedicated to his healing and deliverance ministry, Father travels preaching and proclaiming the Gospel whenever and wherever he can, in the United States and abroad.