of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Ash Wednesday – Humility

Ash Wednesday – Humility

“Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return”

Humility is the gateway grace, the foundation of love. When we are completely free of concern for ourselves (humility), we are free to completely love others. All our practices of the Flame of Love must never be about us. They are always on behalf of others, most of all our Lord and Lady. As we begin our renewal and recommitment to The Flame of Love, let us set it on the right foundation of humility. Let us commit ourselves through fervent prayer and the power of grace to be so free from any thought for self that we are completely available for others.

p196: Jesus: “Although you feel so weak, that is not an impediment, because neither the manifestation of your weakness nor your constant effort will bring our Cause to a successful conclusion. Your humility is the only instrument in your hands that helps the Cause to succeed.”

p244: Jesus: “You know well that I make use of your littleness, your ignorance and your humility to gain My purpose. Above all, I stress your humility.”

p36: Mary: “My daughter, now that you are over this great temptation [attacks from Satan], I will reward you. You have overcome a great trial. We wanted to increase your humility. This is why my Divine Son let Satan get so near to you, to make you more able to propagate the Flame of Love.”

p81: Mary: “It is precisely because of your littleness, incapacity and humility, that my Flame of Love will move ahead gently and without disturbance. Therefore, be careful and remain hidden in humility. You will be continually subjected to humiliations, both internal and external. It is only thus that I can guard you so to pass on my Flame of Love.”

Flame of Love Basics Series: Humility