of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


While a child, our Blessed Mother asked Maximilian Kolbe to choose the red crown of martyrdom or white crown of sacrificing himself daily.  The young Max responded that he wanted both crowns. Saint Maximilian Kolbe became a Franciscan priest and always chose to surrender his human will to God’s will. On fire with the love and mercy of Jesus, this Franciscan spread the good news of Jesus throughout the world and attracted over a thousand men to live in his monastery in Poland.  When the Nazi regime invaded Poland, they sent Maximillian to a concentration camp. Even his enemies recognized the power of this priest who professed Jesus as the inspiration of all his thoughts, words and deeds. When one prisoner escaped, ten men had to die.  When a family man screamed not to choose him, Maximilian offered himself. ?  Do you believe that God’s will guarantees us divine love, peace and joy?  How willing are you to sacrifice your life tor family, friends or even a stranger

Jesus elevated a little child in the presence of his disciples by placing the child in a privileged position of honor. It is customary, even today, to seat the guest of honor at the right side of the host. Who is the greatest in God’s kingdom? The one who is humble and lowly of heart – who instead of asserting their rights willingly empty themselves of pride and self-seeking glory by taking the lowly position of a servant or child. Jesus, himself, is our model. Jesus emptied himself and took the form of a servant to clothe us in his divine nature. God wants to fill us with his own glory God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  Saint James warns us that if we want to be filled with God’s life and power, then we need to empty ourselves of everything, which stands in the way – pride, self-seeking glory, vanity, prejudice, anger and sloth. God wants empty vessels so he can fill them with his own glory, power, and love. Are you ready to humble yourself and to serve as Jesus did? 

We do not know what the future holds, but if we believe that God created us to share his love, mercy and peace, we are destined to be a saint and like Maximillian inspire others. Take a minute for the next nine days and meditate gazing on a crucifix.  Listen in your soul and allow Jesus to embrace you so that you can embrace all you love together.

Pray: “Lord Jesus, by your cross you have redeemed the world and revealed your glory and triumph over sin and death. May I never fail to see your glory and victory in the cross? Help me to conform my life to your will and to follow in your way of holiness.”   

DEDICATE A CRUCIFIX IN OUR SCHOOL:  we purchased new crucifixes for each of our classrooms.  The students pray for all of you and if you want to donate one in honor of your family, the offering is $100.  Send the offering to our parish office.