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A Call to Prayer for the Mercy of God

A Call to Prayer for the Mercy of God

Our prayer cenacles are truly amazing works of grace! Our prayer warriors get up at all hours or stay up even to pray and intercede for the lost, the dying, the Holy Souls in Purgatory and our families. While conferences and talks are great, the Flame of Love prayer cenacles are ground zero for the work of the Holy Spirit; working in concert with His Spouse and Our Mother to spread the Flame of Love Grace from heart to heart!

The Ray of Dawn Prayer Cenacle led by National Hispanic Director and Flame of Love Leader Patti Schwartz meets often three times a day and during this Advent season has been getting up extra early at 5 AM for the Office of Readings and Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours and to meditate on the Daily Readings before praying the Flame of Love Rosary! Fed and filled with the Word of God, it was Monday morning when Patti told us that she had a dream that involved a call to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet in large groups! She felt such a burden of urgency to the message as did we all! There is a beautiful image of the Divine Mercy behind Patti each day when we pray and there are times when the rays will be lit up and even pulsating, this is very random, and this happened as we began to discuss it. Perhaps it is the increasing urgency of the times, perhaps it is confirmation of the hand in glove nature of Flame of Love and Divine Mercy and the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary but we all felt a burden to let everyone know to include the Divine Mercy as we are able in our Flame of Love cenacle prayers and to let as many people as we can know in general to pray the Divine Mercy with greater intensity and attentiveness and in groups when possible. As we let others, maybe in our parishes and our friends know about this, we can take this opportunity to evangelize concerning the Flame of Love and our prayer groups!

I know, I know, yes, we already pray the Divine Mercy, the Rosary, etc. etc. etc. but are we doing it with love and attentiveness or are we letting it become routine? Have we forgotten the power and the reckless love and unfathomable Divine Mercy of a God who is seeking out the lost every day and knocking on the doors of hearts (Revelation 3, Flame of Love Diary, 1961-1962). He is counting on us, those who pray every day, to hear His Voice and harden not our hearts (Psalm 95) as we pray each morning! So let us gather in unity and pray together in our groups as we are able The Divine Mercy Chaplet along with our cenacle prayers with love and with intention! God had great plans for all of us!


Val Parisi

Join one of Patti’s Prayer Cenacles: https://flameoflove.us/patti-schwartz-us-spanish-coordinator-florida-regional-leader-2/

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