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Mary will set our families on FIRE with love of Jesus!
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Pray the Rosary during your time of pilgrimage…

With the spreading of the Flame of Love, cenacles and parishes all over the world have adopted a Flame of Love Pilgrim Queen Statue practice to promote prayer, devotion to our Blessed Mother, and to spread the Flame of Love. The Blessed Virgin Mary wants to be a true Mother to ever single soul on earth, by caring for our temporal and spiritual needs. She loves us!

Mary Wants to Bring The Flame of Love into FAMILIES

The Blessed Virgin revealed that the light of her Flame of Love filled not only me, but all my family members, and the Evil One could not lead them into sin. That is why their souls are strengthened and prepared to receive even more graces.

The Lord spoke in the morning…

Jesus: “I was here during the night and I blessed every member of your family because of the prayer of our dear Mother. She is the one who fills your whole family with the effect of grace of her Flame of Love. How much we love you, My little one!”

Page 143 of the Spiritual Diary

Mary understands more then anyone how desperately the world needs Jesus! As a Mother, She has obtained an outpouring of grace from God the Father which brings transformation and holiness.

Open Your Heart and Home to Mary’s Flame

Through prayer, sacrifice and the graces of the Flame of Love, Mary “wants every family to be a sanctuary, a wonderful place where, in union with you, she works miracles in the depth of hearts.”

Mary helps families to become enflamed with love of Jesus, and homes to become a safe refuge from the world.

The Flame of Love is Jesus Himself and Mary seeks refuge for Him in the hearts of FAMILIES.

Mary:  “Now we set out, my little Carmelite, together with Saint Joseph. You must walk with us along Bethlehem’s dark roads covered with mist. You have to seek a refuge for my Flame of Love, which is Jesus Christ himself. Do you want to come with us? Because it is now that we are leaving to carry on my Flame of Love. You will receive strength and grace from us.”

Spiritual Diary pg 79


The Pilgrim Virgin was placed front and center in our home. Our prayer time, alone and together, was always near her.
When Our Lady was present in our home a sense of peace and comfort was felt. We were not alone in our faith journey.  Whether we were sharing someone’s cross like Simon in the 5th Station, or standing at the foot of the Cross like Our Lady and St. John silent and watching, we were never alone. Serenity and calmness were the feelings we experienced. She is truly our spiritual Mother! We miss her and welcome her back anytime!
There were also feelings of joy. Whenever we asked for her intervention, regardless of the situation, we always placed God’s Will first. That helped tremendously in accepting whatever the outcome. It was a joyful security that our heavenly Father was taking care of us and knew what was best! Praise the Almighty God!
Praise his surpassing greatness!

Submitted by Carmen from the Mid- Atlantic Region of the US

Become a Guardian of the Pilgrim Queen

Start a Flame of Love Pilgrim Queen Rotation in your family, neighborhood, church! Becoming a Guardian is easy!

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2. Take your Statue or Icon Image to be blessed by a priest. Create a shrine box to protect it while traveling between families.
3. Invite families in your cenacle, neighborhood or any family who is geographically close to you to join your group! The rotation is 1 time per week and each family pray the prayers daily for 7 days, so keep this in mind as you invite other families. Parish statues must seek approval of pastor.
4. A minimum of 4 families is needed for a full 4 week rotation. If you have more than 4 families participate, you simply add the family in the rotation of weeks. So 6 families participating means they would receive the Pilgrim Queen every 6 weeks and so on. No more than 10 families, including the Guardian. If you have more than 10 families, we suggest adding another Statue or Icon Print to you area!
5. Obtain the name, address, e-mail, home and cell phone numbers from all in your group and create a roster.
6. Once you have a complete roster of at least 4 families, assign permanent days of the month for each participant. This is based on the geographical location of the families so the shrine easily travels between them.

Receive the Pilgrim Queen with great anticipation and dedication and spread the Flame of Love over all of humanity!

Pilgrim Queen of Carmel Indiana

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