Perpetual Vigil Room

Our Perpetual Vigil Room was created to fulfill our Blessed Mother’s request to organize our parishes so that there is never a time where a night vigil is not being observed for the salvation of the dying:

July 9, 1965
Mary: “I want the holy night vigils – by which I want to save the souls of the dying – to be organized in every parish so there is not even one moment without someone praying in a vigil. This is the instrument that I place in your hands. By this, you and your companions will save the souls of the dying from eternal damnation. By the light of my Flame of Love, Satan will remain blind.”

The Spiritual Diary (first edition); Elizabeth Kindelmann; p. 257

We invite you to join us in prayer. Here are some important guidelines for the room:

  • Unlike a Perpetual Adoration room, this room is NOT dedicated to silence but rather to public, communal, vocal prayer
  • When entering the room, please join the prayer in progress.
  • If the room is empty, you may pray as you choose. When others join, please shift to a known prayer routine, preferably the Flame of Love Rosary and associated prayers.
  • To prevent accidental interruption of prayer, your audio and video are automatically “muted” upon entering the room. Unmute as desired.
  • If there is excessive noise on your line, one of our Prayer Companions may mute you. To speak, unmute your line.
  • Please do NOT place your call on “hold”.
  • Please be open to someone entering the room with emergency prayer intentions.
  • If you are leading the prayer, invite intentions at convenient intervals, e.g., between sets of mysteries.
  • If you are leading prayer and need to leave the room, invite someone else to lead. If no one does, feel free to leave anyway.

Click on this link to enter the Perpetual Vigil Room. If you are asked to allow access to your microphone and camera, please allow it; this is just for the room and will NOT allow the entire Internet access.
You may also join it by regular dial-up phone by calling +1 (512) 647-1431 PIN: 1249052654#
Thank you for your prayer. May thousands of the souls of the dying thank you in Heaven.

Helpful Links

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