Other FOL Products

Flame of Love Print Materials

Vendor: Ryan Hartley
Website: www.heartlinepress.com
Contact Number: 484-490-5481
Email: heartlinepress@gmail.com

Flame of Love Banners

To be displayed at your prayer location or your Flame of Love events and ready for framing by you.

Vendor: Dave Gallo
Contact Number: 610-284-1730
Email: aasigns@verizon.net

Flame of Love Rosaries

Custom made in Italy, Cobalt Blue Beads, Specially Designed Crucifix and Centerpiece

Vendor: Dino at Ghirelli Rosaries
Contact Number: 800-214-1365
Price: $20 plus shipping & handling fee $3


Frow Deeper by watching the seminar featuring Fr.
James Otto

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