of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Flame of Love

National Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress 2024

Ignite the Flame of Love Across the Nation!

The National Eucharistic Congress is a historic event – the first in this century. Join 80,000 Catholics of all ages from across the U.S. on July 17-21 in Indianapolis, or participate by putting The Unity Prayer into action. Be there for Jesus, Mary and your family at this pivotal moment in the life of the Catholic Church and our nation.

Eucharistic Revival is the Essence of the Flame of Love

Hello, my name is Paula Amicarelli and I’m honored to be the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chairperson for the National Eucharistic Congress which will be held in Indianapolis on July 17th-21st, 2024.

There’s nothing quite like seeing your dream come true. That’s how I felt when I began to dig into the exciting agenda put together by the U.S. Catholic Bishops for the centerpiece of the three-year Eucharistic Revival in America. If I had the resources to design the campaign of my dreams to spread the Flame of Love nationwide, this would be it! And the Bishops did it for us! All we have to do is bring the Flame into our hearts and share the grace!

If ever there was proof that the Immaculate Heart of Mary, together with the Holy Spirit, is moving here and now to draw us into unity with her Son and each other, this is it! I couldn’t have asked for greater confirmation that our thoughts are one, our hearts in unison and our souls in harmony with the desires of Our Lord and Our Lady.

In the weeks and months leading up to the Congress, we’ll be sharing much more with you about our plans. There are many ways you can participate virtually, spiritually, and in-person. This is nothing less than an extraordinary opportunity to receive and share this extraordinary grace. In a very real way, you will be helping to bring about revival of the Church through a deeper relationship with Christ in the Eucharist. The Eucharistic focus is a particular gift because it allows us to emphasize that The Flame of Love is both Marian and Eucharistic. Everything Mary does points to her Son!

“I want my Flame of Love to overflow upon the earth so all can see the road that leads to the Kingdom of My Divine Son.

Mary to Elizabeth Kindelmann, pg. 278

In addition to hosting a Flame of Love table at the National Congress, we will also have the opportunity to reach out to thousands of lay people, clergy and religious journeying on four pilgrimage routes across the country that will converge in Indianapolis on July 17th.

Here are 8 ways we will be participating in the National Eucharistic Revival and Congress by putting The Unity Prayer into action!

+ May our feet journey together – Walk in the Eucharistic Caravan or Make Your own Pilgrimage. LEARN MORE
+ May our hands gather in unity – Volunteer to be a Rally Point Pilgrimage Leader. Learn More
+ May our hearts beat in unison – Register here for the Spark Series, 9 days of prayer for renewal. LEARN MORE
+ May our souls be in harmony – Donate to financially support the Flame of Love’s participation at the Congress

The financial cost to participate in the Eucharistic Congress is over $8000, and while we understand that this is an investment for the sake of souls, we desperately need your help to cover the costs.

DONATE and be sure to include your prayer intention for a loved one who has left the Church. We will include them in our Lighting of the Flame Ceremony at Rally points across the Nation.

+ May our thoughts be as one – Study your Eucharistic faith by participating in this small group series: LEARN MORE
+ May our ears listen to the silence together – At adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Meditate on the Flame of Love and the Eucharist as manifestations of grace that reflect the lives of Mary and Jesus and their relationship.

+ May our glances profoundly penetrate each other’s – Attend the Congress!

Help spread the Flame of Love. Register now and plan to visit us at our booth for special prayer events through out the Congress. More details coming your way!

+ May our lips pray together to gain mercy from the Eternal Father

Can’t attend? Prayer and sacrifice is the most powerful fuel we have to ignite the Flame of Love, so please include the intention of the Eucharistic Congress in your Flame of Love Rosaries. We especially ask Cenacle Leaders to include this in your Cenacle intentions. A Eucharistic Flame of Love Prayer Guide is coming soon!!

We will be sending you frequent updates with more information and details about how to spread the Flame of Love throughout the country, as we head to Indianapolis this summer! Be a spark… ignite the Flame!